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Author Topic: GRF-2N ER PPC  (Read 2003 times)


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« on: 08 March 2011, 21:14:44 »
The introduction date for the ER PPC by the Star League is 2760 per TechManual page 233.  The GRF-2N Griffin is noted by Operation: KLONDIKE being the result of the SLDF's refit programs (specific quote below).  Is this a project that managed to linger for a while before someone did something, did the ER PPC actually enter service before it was publicly known to in 3070 (when the relevant fluff in TM was dated), the development program for the particle cannons delaying the Griffin refits, or something else?

Quote from: Operation: Klondike, page 159
Rather than retire the aging machine, the SLDF scheduled most of its extant models for major updates at the beginning of the 28th century.


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« Reply #1 on: 13 March 2011, 13:09:53 »
Most likely a little of all of the above. Prior to introduction dates, there are prototype weapons (Look at Sword and Dragon Starterbook for more examples of this). The Griffin may also have been at the later end of the refit program. Finally there may have been more than one refit of the Griffin, with SL era tech, with this just being the last one.

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