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Author Topic: Harrison Davion's body in New Avalon - How?  (Read 422 times)

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Harrison Davion's body in New Avalon - How?
« on: 12 March 2023, 13:48:04 »
Had a question come up while reading Damocles Sanction and Dominions Divided. In both it is mentioned that Julian Davion was searching for Harrison Davion's body/tomb, but that it had disappeared from New Avalon and Toranaga wouldn't say to where.

My question is, how did it get to New Avalon in the first place? Harrison Davion died on Terra but the news was kept secret by the Republic, and Julian Davion didn't find out about it until Fortress Republic had already been enacted. Are we to assume that the Republic sent Harrison's body back to FS space prior to raising the Fortress, or at some point after the Fortress was raised, sent the body out secretly?

Thanks for any answers/details that I may have missed.
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