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Author Topic: Hendrick Grimm - 65th Lyran Regulars vs 6th and 5th Lyran Regulars  (Read 804 times)


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I can see it was raised in Errata for Second Succession War, but never saw it was answered. The old House Steiner book indicated Hendrick Grimm was posted to the 65th Lyran Regulars which he led into mutiny when he snapped, but Second Succession War indicates he was posted to 6th Lyran Regulars and picked up elements of shattered 5th Lyran Regulars after he led the 6th in mutiny.

I'm assuming the 65th therefore never existed/ComStar misinformation given Second Succession War is a far newer source, but if so to who does the "Old One-Eyes" regimental nickname apply?

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There was never a possibility for a 65th, so it had to be addressed.

The old logo/nick was for the old 6th, then the “65th” as the combined unit was known.
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