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Author Topic: Annihilation of Amaris bloodline  (Read 534 times)


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Annihilation of Amaris bloodline
« on: 13 March 2021, 08:51:11 »
I remember that, while Stefan Amaris were initially treated well after captured, but after General Kerensky saw what was actually happened to the captured Cameron bloodline, he ordered to execute Stefan and its family immediately.

After then, it was said that SLDF hunts down all people of House Amaris.

The questions are;

1: Were every single people of the House Amaris the target, not only the close relative of Stefan? Were all of the captured Amaris required to be killed, no exception at all?

2: Were it a direct and official order of general Kerensky? If so then what is the official cause for this? Same as the charge of Stefen?
2-1: Else although it wasn't the official order, but it was the intention of Kerensky, the order was given secretly, and SLDF were follow it eagerly(for they were already suffered by what have Stefen done and for revenge the deaths of Cameron nobles)?
2-2: It was not even an order or intention but is Kerensky and high command of SLDF were abetting the revenge movements of SLDFs attacking Rim Worlds Republic?

3: Is there any laws for this in the Terran Hegemony/Star League to legalize the act(to annihilate a family line and relatives), or it is just out of revenge? Else was it considered an exceptional act on the wartime so they don't need to follow normal laws and consider it an act based on the military law, and to punish horrible atrocity?

A side question for this is, is there any officially known person with Amaris bloodline who is serve in SLDF and fighting for SLDF rather than the republic during the coup?
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