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Author Topic: HT AS conversion for heat weapons - Why the limit of 2?  (Read 373 times)


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HT AS conversion for heat weapons - Why the limit of 2?
« on: 06 October 2022, 03:06:34 »
Looking around various AS unit cards Mechs with 2x Plasma Cannons currently translate to having the special of: HT2/2/2.
This also is however the same for units with 4x Plasma Cannons as well. (Such as the Hellfire 3 which also has several flamers.)

- Guessing at one point someone assumed only Heat Scale units like Mechs would be targets. So since there is the limit of taking on 2 from HT in a turn for units with an Heat Scale; the thought was likely along the lines of, "so then why pay extra for something ineffective in the game?".

- Though wouldn't any additional heat still translate into damage for units without a Heat Scale?
Such as for most Infantry & Vehicles.

So at this point are there any plans on lifting the limit on the HT special?
- Assuming the amount the Heat Scale could take on would still be limited to 2 regardless of if a unit had the HT3 or HT2.

If not; is there some intent for units without a heat scale to only be able to take 2 damage from the HT special in a round?