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Author Topic: Manufacturer's cost vs. retail price for BattleMechs  (Read 2185 times)


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TechManual gives us lists of prices for components and the formula for coming up with the total C-Bill cost of a BattleMech made from those components.

Do the component costs and final vehicle costs represent the manufacturer's cost to make the unit in question (in terms of labor, raw materials, overhead, etc.) or the retail price.  Black market modifiers are applied to the price given, when using those RPG rules, so it appears to be the retail price.  In that case, is there any sort of official rule of thumb for estimating the manufacturer's cost? 

(I know 'whatever works for your game' applies, but I wanted to check if there was anything official that I'd missed.)
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Re: Manufacturer's cost vs. retail price for BattleMechs
« Reply #1 on: 01 May 2011, 17:59:47 »
Economics are busted in BattleTech. Best to not take things as rock-solid fact when it comes to anything both economical and numerical in nature.
In other words, things like prices, production and trade amounts/tonnages, etc.

That said, the intent of the pricing is to indicate what an end-user would have to pay, not what a manufacturer pays to produce it.
Which would tend to vary per manufacturer anyway.

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