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Author Topic: Wich Clan did develop the Kingfisher?  (Read 818 times)

Hptm. Streiger

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Wich Clan did develop the Kingfisher?
« on: 13 June 2019, 01:49:41 »
A friend asked an interesting question lately.
Wich Clan did develop the Kingfisher?

Well at first it looks simple - Ghost Bears because they did produce that Mech. But looking closer I don't think that could be correct.

First, the Ghost Bears were the last clan to obtain the OmniMech Technology, 2873 while the Kingfisher was "released" in 2877. Also, the Ghost Bears did "capture" schematics for an Assault Mech shortly after from Clan Burrock that should become the Executioner some 100 years later. (Slow buggers)

Considering the time between capturing of the OmniMech Technology and "production" - its unlikely that one of the Clans that produced Assault Omnis on their own (Ghost Bear, Smoke Jaguar, Wolf) would have developed the Kingfisher.
I would also strike Clans that rely on mobility or combined arms (Jade Chicken, Hell Horses) or try to keep it cheap (Steelvipers, Blood Spirit).

From a feeling of my guts, I would say it might have been a project by Clan Mongoose but they were absorbed into Smoke Jaguars before the Kingfisher did debut, and the Smoke Jaguars would not have finished the design.
Clan Coyote could be possible as well after the Coyotl and the Lupus an Assault Omni Makes sense. But three OmniMechs in such short succession (considering the development time of others) doesn't seem to fit either.

So any lead or idea?