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Title: Official Catalyst Twitch Channel?
Post by: BlackKat on 30 July 2019, 07:52:00
Have you ever considered marketing Battletech [and Shadowrun et al] through a channel?

Games Workshop does a channel where they broadcast tournament games.  Then they have the odd show on painting, interviews, and other filler material.  Unfortunately they set up their channel as subscriber only chat - which lowers its actual marketing value as only those who are already committed are likely to watch.
Paradox Games has a channel where they constantly switch between their various, popular games - including HBS's Battletech.
Broadcast Dungeons and Dragons streams like Critical Role, or Roll20's, get tons of views. 
Hell, even Bernie Sanders' campaign has a twitch channel now.

None of those channels are constantly running, so they don't require a 24/7 rotating cast or hosts.  But they typically broadcast something every work day, on a semi-regular schedule.  And get anywhere from hundreds to thousands of views - depending on the content showing that day.

I think a Catalyst Twitch channel would be a great tool.  You could switch between discussing new product, talking about the kickstarters, run some live Shadowrun and Battletech/Alpha Strike games.  You could even broadcast live from the GenCon floor and such.  And could even help promote some of the Twitch streamers who are doing those things already with Catalyst products or related hobbies like modeling and painting.
Title: Re: Official Catalyst Twitch Channel?
Post by: trboturtle on 30 July 2019, 09:07:26
That question is above us writer's pay grade, but I'll past along the suggestion to someone higher up the chain.....  ;D