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Author Topic: The size of Clan pilots  (Read 874 times)


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The size of Clan pilots
« on: 01 August 2019, 14:06:57 »
A question has arisen about the Clan pilots.

When introduced, Clan pilots were described as small, childsize, freakishly small with an oversized and big eyes, and information stated they were perhaps 4 foot, or about 1.4m tall.

This same lack of stature was stated as a reason for ProtoMechs...humans couldn't fit the control mechanism, leaving the pilot phenotype as the only people who could fit as larger control systems were not viable. This was again emphasised when certain Spheroid corporations considered the use of children, while the WOB too the simple expedient of using quadruple amputees...presumably either fitted with detachable limbs or permanently connected to the Proto.

However, a couple of sources seem to contradict this.
Caden, a Mechwarrior phenotype, is able to enter a Protocockpit in Tears of Blood. The fighter pilot description in AToW gives their height as 1.7m...which is perhaps a little short, but still a normal human height.

Is this an error or are pilot sizes being retconned? Is there another explanation?
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