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Author Topic: OPERATION SCOUR’S Lyran Front and the unkillable commanders  (Read 474 times)


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Hi guys,
Quick questions - Jihad Hot Spots: Terra, p. 27, “We Have Met The Enemy" tells us the Lyran front of SCOUR suffered a real set back in 3077 when the commanders of the 6th Benjamin Regulars, 1st Federated Suns Lancers and 31st Marik Militia were all killed in a targeted strike by the Word of Blake intended to remove the command organization of Group III.

Well done, ye faithful Blakists!

Only thing is - 1st FedSun lists its CO as Dixon Zibler in both FM: Updates in 3067 and FM3095.
(To add a fun element, there’s also two Dixon Ziblers in both books)
Likewise, the 31st is commanded by David Sloan in both books.

So, my question is - did the Word kill two different regimental commanders? Was it misinformation? Were they just wounded, etc.

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