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Author Topic: Paintschemes for Terra-based Militias during the Invasion of Terra, 3151  (Read 160 times)


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Question please. As I understand it, and quoting from FM:3085 page 184,

While the line units get all the glory and the press, the bulk of the dirty work in the
RAF goes to the planetary militia, whose duty it is to permanently garrison each and
every planet within the Republic and defend them against all comers. The line units may
be the strong hands and heart of the Republic’s defenders, but the militia is the steel
backbone that holds it all together.
Officially known as the Republic Standing Guard, the militia was the first dedicated
military force created under the aegis of Devlin Stone’s Coalition, even before the
liberation of Terra and the rechristening of the Terran Protectorate.

On that basis, is it reasonable to assume that Militia units name-called in "IlClan"- such as the "First New South Wales Militia" and "First Melbourne Militia" in Australia, or the "Tenth Republic Militia" in Vietnam, would have their equipment painted in the Guard's standard paintscheme of olive drab, with maroon patches?

Just want to confirm there wasn't any special Terran Militia command outside the Republic Standing Guard.

Thanks in advance!
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