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Author Topic: Possible Stone's Lament/Stone's Stalwart confussion  (Read 476 times)


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Possible Stone's Lament/Stone's Stalwart confussion
« on: 23 July 2022, 13:18:46 »
During SCOUR Stone's Lament landed near Hilton Head and then pressed west to arrive at Little Rock 27 August 3078 (Total Chaos p. 203) and then pushing up to Devil's Tower for the 19 December 3078 confrontation with St. Jamais (Total Chaos, pp. 218-219)

But there's a few references to Stone's Lament being in Australia in October (Jihad Hot Spots: Terra, p. 110; TRO3085, p. 226 "Sergeant Wilkie Baskerville").  I think this might be an error that confused the Lament with Stone's Stalwarts who were present in Australia.

Was this an error or did the Lament go continent hopping? Ordinarily I'd submit an errata, but since it involves at least two sources with potential errors, and I'm not 100% positive it is an error, I thought this might be the best bet.
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