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Author Topic: Jade Falcon's Delta Galaxy question/possible errant  (Read 1571 times)


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Jade Falcon's Delta Galaxy question/possible errant
« on: 29 April 2011, 22:14:06 »

I apologize if this isn't the place to post this.  since this is a little complicated of a...question/issue?

Recently, i have been looking into history of one of Delta Galaxy's Clusters, the First Falcon Striker Cluster, since it was featured in the recent Battletech Starter: Fist and Falcon pdf.

The PDF goes over the conflict of Alliance-Falcon War or the 3rd Falcon Incursion.  Delta Galaxy in 3068 (first noted in Jihad Hot Spots: 3072) in invasion of the Lyran Alliance in 3068.  The Strikers are noted among the units participating in the campaign in Arc-Royal area.  JHS:3072, p. 48 has the unit fighting on Great X until least August 3071, when they became last Delta Cluster to get off Great X and withdraw to JF's OZ.  The Delta Galaxy was noted later in the Jihad Secrets Operation Ice Storm Intel as one of the units fighting the Ice Hellions as of November 3071 and kept fighting the invasion until fighting with ended in April 3072.
Masters and Minions's Jade Falcon section also mentions that indeed the Delta Galaxy fought Ice Hellions as well was rebuilding by the saKhan.

I found there were two issues which why I'm asking this question.

*Issue 1: Battletech Starter: Fist and Falcon's protray's the events on Great X running far longer other sources suggest and into 3072.  Starter does not giving enough time for Delta Galaxy get back to fight Hellions. Which if I'm not mistaken,  I'm found that there are three separate sourcebooks roughly agreeing from different points in view that Delta galaxy had indeed left Great X in mid 3071 to fight Hellions.  While Starter Changes this to them fighting into 72.

*Issue 2: Jihad Secrets & Masters and Minions - Both books/pdfs say that Delta Galaxy fought the Ice Hellion invasion of 71-72.  However, JHS:3072 and BS: Fist and Falcon describe that the Galaxy is now only one damaged Cluster, the First Falcon Strike Cluster.

My question(s) are: 1) Is BS: Fist and Falcon wrong or errant? Or does it trump all those sourcebooks because its newer.
2) Were there other clusters that were added to the Delta Galaxy along with  First Falcon Striker Cluster?

Thank you, I do understand if it can't be answered.  If errant could be made for BS: Fist and Falcon, i can deposit one of the issues there.

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