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Author Topic: Rashpur Owens on Capella  (Read 1686 times)


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Rashpur Owens on Capella
« on: 18 March 2011, 16:11:42 »
The Avenger class drop ship was first produced in 2816.  This means that it was developed and produced after the Star League, and implies common rules of faction ownership (confirmed Davion, questionable Capellan).  Proliferation would eventually allowed access to other factions through outright purchase (unlikely), combat losses (most likely), or espionage or reverse engineering.  The limited scope of canon cannot cover all manufacturers of this design, but what is stated includes several manufacturers that are still producing this dropship.

In Dropships and Jumpships (roughly 3025), no manufacturer is listed.  In Objective Raids (3050), production is listed at Dynamico Ltd on Delavan and Rashpur Owens on Capella.  In the original TRO:3057, the upgraded Avenger was produced by Dynamico Ltd on Delavan and licenced to Defiance Industries of Hesperus II, and again in TRO:3057 Revised.  While omitted in TRO:3057, the omition of production on Capella does not nessasarily superceed that production, only identifies the lack of an upgraded version as of 3057.  While the Davion Handbook confirms the Avenger production (3067) at Dynamico and Defiance Industries, a Capellan Handbook was not published (to my knowledge) that would confirm the Avenger being produced by Rashpur Owens on Capella.  Furthermore, there are other indicators that Objective Raids may have unintentionally replaced the Achilles production at Rashpur Owens on Capella with the Avenger.

So the Question: What dropships are produced by Rashpur Owens on Capella prior to 3025, in 3050 and in 3067?

This will help clarify several issues in the production of the Avenger, the Achilles, the Excaliber, the Lung Wang and the Triumph at Rashpur Owens on Capella.  If not stretching the question too much, engine production would be nice as well  (I am hung up on the Excaliber engine issue (GM48000, GE2080/2080-11 (or -12)) and the Lung Wang engine (Xevex-12 (Xevec-12), Xevec-19). 

Thanks in advance.
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