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Author Topic: Star Dagger introduction date?  (Read 811 times)

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Star Dagger introduction date?
« on: 09 March 2022, 17:13:46 »
The fluff for the S-2 Star Dagger in XTRO Retrotech makes it clear that it was an early Terran design, possibly even one of the first Aerofighters in regular service. It also doesn't outright say but suggests that this specific version is a copy of the original, as it was "put back into production".

The Star Dagger mentioned in Field Report Kurita 2765 also seems to support that the version in retrotech is the original model, with the introtech version listed there being designated the S-2B rather than the S-2.

However, the version we get in retrotech is listed on the MUL as being introduced in 3077.

Just to be clear, is the S-2 Star Dagger the original Terran version? And if so, should its intro date in the MUL be changed to reflect it's original date of introduction?
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