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Author Topic: Tamar Rising: Clan Hell's Horses RAT question  (Read 859 times)


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Tamar Rising: Clan Hell's Horses RAT question
« on: 22 January 2022, 15:23:14 »
Apologies if this was better placed elsewhere (such as in the newly-minted Tamar Rising errata thread); but I had a QuadVee-related question I wanted to ask, if it wasn't too much trouble:

On Page 122 of this volume, the Can Hell's Horses BattleMech RAT includes the four known "tracked" QuadVees: the Arion, Boreas, Cyllaros, and Harpagos. However, the sole "wheeled" QuadVee presently in print, the Notos, is not listed on this RAT.

Now, the Notos has a somewhat later year of introduction than the various "tracked" QuadVees. So it might be the case that there are not yet enough of this unit type in production to warrant a place on the Horse RAT by the time this sourcebook takes place? Or, if there are enough of them out there to warrant reconsidering the Notos for inclusion, should I re-direct this request to the Tamar Rising errata thread instead?
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