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Title: Tanks with Mech Cockpits: One Man Tank Crews?
Post by: Phantom000 on 12 March 2021, 23:17:12
I have always been curious, battlemechs only need one person to pilot them, but tanks still need a crew to operate. So, what if you took all those sophisticated electronics out of a mech and put them into a tank?

Has it been done in the lore?
Title: Re: Tanks with Mech Cockpits: One Man Tank Crews?
Post by: cray on 13 March 2021, 09:42:36
Tactical Operations p. 218 addresses the impact of crew size in vehicles. Single-person crews are quite possible but it limits the performance of the vehicle. Vehicles with multi-person crews can clear jams more easily than 'Mechs, for example, while one-person vehicles have to stop everything until the jam is cleared. Multi-person crews also have an easier time attacking multiple targets. Unlike 'Mechs, vehicles don't suffer penalties against multiple targets if they have sufficient crew.

The only real difference between a vehicle with a crew of one and a 'Mech with a crew of one is that the vehicle can only attack one target at a time. So if you made a home rule for 'Mech-like automated controls in a vehicle then that's the only performance difference from canon one-person vehicle crews: the 'Mech-like one-person vehicle could engage extra targets at the usual multiple target to-hit penalty, while the canon one-person vehicle could only attack one.

And both the 'Mech and one-person vehicle are missing out on the benefits of multiple people in their crews.