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Author Topic: The Stinger models in Recognition Guide #13  (Read 439 times)

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The Stinger models in Recognition Guide #13
« on: 09 April 2021, 21:36:18 »
Hi, there is a couple of details about the Stingers presented in the recent Recognition Guide #13 book that are bothering me:

1) The last Stinger with a "R" was a peripheric model, made by the TC and the MoC (the -5R). Is there a particular reason why the new Earthwerk´s model is the -6R, when its predecessor used the "M" designation, usually associated to mechs produced in marik space?

2)I found the choice of weapon brands in both the -6G and -6R peculiar. In the case of the Bergan´s -6G, it uses LFN Linblad Machine Guns, usually associated with Marik mechs like the old Stinger, and other, and also uses the Diverse Optics Type 25PX. This particular MXPL is used primarily in the DC, and its bigger model, the Type 35PX, its used in Calloway for the Earthewerks´s Phoenix Hawk -9. It is part of the lore that Diverse Optics and Irian have a long date cooperation relation. And the you have Earthwerks using a capellan brand HMG in its -6R, the Ceres Arms Model 8 to be exact.

While Earthwerks is also a capellan company, and there are some examples of FWL mechs using capellan brand weapons (even Lyran ones int he case of the Partisan AA Vehicle), i found the case rather strange. Could it be the case of a editing error that switched the producer of the Stinger models?
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