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Author Topic: WarShips with unknown classes?  (Read 742 times)


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WarShips with unknown classes?
« on: 09 November 2022, 10:31:05 »
What classes are the following WarShips?

RotS: Gladius Terrae (source: IlClan)
RotS: Ciaravella (source: Hour of the Wolf)
RotS: Dolabra (source: Hour of the Wolf)
RotS: Fire of the Republic (source: IlClan)
RotS: Glory of the Republic (source: IlClan)
Draconis Combine: Pride of Kurita (source: Wars of the Republic Era)
Free Worlds League: Alexandria (source: Field Report 2765 - Free Worlds League)
Free Worlds League: Reliant (source: Field Report 2765 - Free Worlds League)
Free Worlds League: Valor (source: Field Report 2765 - Free Worlds League)
(Any additional information that would allow players to actually use the FWL provincial fleets in their games would also be great appreciated.)

(Please note, with the exception of Ciaravella and Dolabra, the source material in question is very clear that all of these are true WarShips, not merely armed DropShips. The HotW ships might also be clearly marked as such, I just don't have it handy to check while writing this.)

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