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Title: weapon technical lore?
Post by: meat_melon on 18 October 2021, 11:56:37
hello everyone, I'm new here and was just wondering if theres any writing on the lore behind the various weapons systems. I'm mainly looking for details to distinguish all the various models, like caliber and burst size for autocannons, beam color for lasers, etc.
i know theres some info out there, but on average less than 1/3 of the various models have anything beyond who makes them and where. like, whats the difference between a defiance type J and a Mydron C AC/5?
edit: I'm mainly asking this because I'd like to see if i could potentially fill these in, but before i go asking about that i want to make sure it hasn't already been done
Title: Re: weapon technical lore?
Post by: Paul on 22 October 2021, 03:17:22
That info isnt being tracked. You may get occasional mentions of such details in older novels, but rarely in recent ones. The differences between different weapons are 0 in gameplay, though various computer games have used brand names to differentiate them. IE in MW5.