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Author Topic: what happened to the comguard 244th division after the fedcom civil war?  (Read 707 times)


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the 244th Division of the comguard defected to join victor Steiner-Davion at the start of the Fedcom civil war, and at the end the unit found itself exiled from comstar. i haven't been able to find anything on what they did after that though. did they disband? become part of the AFFS under a new name? something else?
do we have official info on what happened to "the prince's men"?


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Per "Endgame" p. 261 (of my PDF), Gavin Dow "had blocked any return by Victor and the few survivors of the 244th Division at first.  He only yielded after Victor took a public oath to ComStar that he would never again-under threat of immediate censure-put any personal interest in the affairs of a Successor State ahead of ComStar's business."

My reading of that is that the 244th A) wasn't exiled from ComStar, but instead rejoined the organization and B) was reduced to just a handful of survivors.  Since there's no mention of the unit in the Jihad or afterwards, those few survivors were probably folded into other commands and the 244th was stricken from the rolls.
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