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Author Topic: what Memory core was more exstentive, Helm or New Dallas?  (Read 1283 times)


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I am curious which memory core was more exstensive in terms of technology? Helm or New Dallas? and Did the latter assumed you knew Helm Knowledge? Curious because I was told the New Dallas was Alledgedly more exstentive then hlem. but it is unknown if the new dallas core also contained the hlem memory core tech as well. Moderators are free to move this thread to the more appropriate forum if this dosen't belong in 'ask the writers'.
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Re: what Memory core was more exstentive, Helm or New Dallas?
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If it hasn't been stated in the text, then there's likely no official answer at this time.

However, FWIW various print products have mentioned that the Helm Core has numerous examples of civilian technologies, while to my knowledge the New Dallas Core has only listed HEG and SLDF military tech. Hope that helps.
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