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Author Topic: stone rhino (animal) question  (Read 337 times)


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stone rhino (animal) question
« on: 18 January 2021, 01:18:42 »
on p.239 of A Time Of War there is a picture with the caption: "The last thing Gunsho Givens expected as he led his squad through the badlands of Athenry was an attack by a charging stone rhino."

on p.10 of Recognition Guide: ilClan Vol. 2 it mentions the stone rhino is an animal native to Eden

what is the best explanation for the discrepancy in planetary origin for the animal?
- they are different animals, the Eden animal is very similar to the Athenry animal, and so named for it?
- the Athenry animal was taken in the Exodus and transplanted to Eden, with the "native to Eden" quote now being incorrect (or the animal evolved more and that 'version' is now native to Eden)?
- RecGuide 2 retcons A Time of War, the stone rhino is now an animal native to Eden and should not be on an IS world?
- the Clans transported stone rhinos to Athenry after the initial Invasion, much like ghost bears (animals) in the Rasalhague Dominion (Athenry is a planet in the Draconis Combine, pretty close to Earth--fairly south of the Tukayyid truce line--so the likelihood that the Eden animal was transported to Athenry by the Clans is not very high, but not impossible I guess)
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