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Author Topic: 'Phalanx Scrapper' Dark Age Heavy BA  (Read 1126 times)


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'Phalanx Scrapper' Dark Age Heavy BA
« on: 18 July 2013, 20:03:18 »
*Post to be finished tomorrow!  Heavy IS BA with a clan weapon, intended for engaging combined forces up to light vehicles and medium mechs, from ambush, in broken terrain, or as part of a combined arms doctrine. Like a boss Phalanx.*

With the fall of Darkness upon interstellar Communications, many border worlds found themselves subject to raids, using the cover of HPG silence to take what they wanted without having to admit it.
In the newborn FWL, such threats mainly came from the wolf empire, though the occasional raid from unmarked forces hailing from the dissolving republic couldn't be discounted.
Those incursions showed the local commanders time and time again that their in-supply conventional forces where just no match to properly trained warriors before serious war machines even came into play. Having been hit hard to a Wolf "training"-raid, several planets along the border struggled to even push back pirates using little more than combat vehicles and pre-Jihad battle armour.

Some prospective engineers suggested reactivating old battlearmour mothballed since shortly after the breakup of the league, a request that was granted by a desperate governor that feared for the support of the local populace if bands of criminals were already above the planetary militia; Though the ambitions of the engineers obviously went much further.
Support from sector command and the intricacies of the local bureaucracy resulted in the team getting hold of a weird mix of high funding and a bad base platform, coming in the mangled remains of a few battle armour companies that could have well been sold as scrap without raising much suspicions about their origin.

Code: [Select]
Phalanx Scrapper

Equipment:                                          Slots    Mass
Chassis Type:  Heavy Class Humanoid                  0       300
Motive System: Ground Movement (2 MP) (I.S.)         0        80
Armor Type:    8 Points Stealth, Basic               0       440

  Left Arm:    Armoured Glove                     0        0
  Right Arm:   Armoured Glove                     0         0

King David LGR        Right Arm, 275 kg, 2 Slots
SRM 1, 2 Shots        Body,       80 kg, 2 Slots
Magshot GR            Body,      175 kg, 3 Slots
Bearhunter SHAC       Left Arm,   150kg, 2 Slots

TOTALS:                                               12     1,500
Slots & Mass Left:                                    0         0

Cost: 407.750

Deciding on the most usable examples, the engineers got to work on a group of Phalanx Battlesuits, the likes of which still being in use on many worlds.
Varying degrees of combat damage and five decades in a damp bunker left the suits in a pitiful state, but the responsible technicians managed to get the motive system working quickly enough.
A lack of supply of high quality stealth armour led to the engineers applying a patchwork of standard plate and stealth composites that wasn't as effective as the original armour, but in turn a bit thicker than on the original suits.
As most of the worked husks had mostly sustained torso damage, to the point that one still mounted a fully working main weapon on it's forearm, they decided on keeping the King David Rifle as the main armament, a choice well fit for beating back Pirate raids and also a solid option against sabotage teams or even a future clan incursion.
Being a widely used and indigenously manufactured design, supplies of the weapon were procured in comparably short order along with other direct fire weapons to be trialled on the chassis.
Due to rebuilding the upper torso anyways, the engineers replaced the missile tubes on the left shoulder, installing a Magshot Gauss Rifle in their place, and then modified the arm to end in an armoured glove, allowing the tropper to more easily wield the Plasma Rifles intended for the experimental battle armour squad. An additional ammo feed allowed the installation of a heavy automatic weapon, depending on what was available for the task at hand.

.... I'll fill the rest of the fluff tomorrow when I'm awake enough to get my spelling mistakes. I filled small gaps here and there and now it doesn't make any sense anymore. Hey, it's 3am.
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