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Author Topic: "Preying Mantis" Light Battle Armor  (Read 1312 times)


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"Preying Mantis" Light Battle Armor
« on: 20 October 2013, 01:16:59 »
       Classic BattleTech Battle Armor Technical Readout

Type/Model:    "Preying Mantis" Light Battle Armor
Tech/Era:      Clan / 3085 / CBT:RPG Rules
Chassis Type:  Humanoid
Weight Class:  Light Battle Armor (401 - 750 kg)
Rules:         Level 2, Standard design

Ground Speed:  32.4 km/h
Jump Capacity: 90 meters
Armor Type:    Reactive
R&D Start Date:  3088
Prototype Design and Production:  3091
Standard Production:  3093

When Clan Ghost Bear developed their own version of Reactive armor, they tasked the adopted Rasalhagian, scientist caste protege, Sven Hitomi into incorporating the new technology into one of his upcoming Battle Armor design experiments.  The result was the "Preying Mantis", a light weight Battle Armor that was a forerunner to what eventually became the medium weight Wraith Battle Armor.  As with the Wraith, the Preying Mantis was also descended from the Rogue Bear Battle Armor, though more indirectly through the use of Constable Pacification Suit chassis as its base (which was itself an already stripped down version of the Rogue Bear's chassis).  Dual Vibro Battle Claws and a Heavy Machine Gun combined with a respectable jump and ground movement profile ensure that the Preying Mantis can live up to its name against anything that may get in its way, particularly unarmored infantry, though there is a variant that has already been developed with infantry and vehicles in mind called the "Flaming Mantis" that swaps the Reactive armor for Flame Resistant armor,  the Heavy Machine Gun with a Flamer, reduces ground speed to 21 kph and adds an SRM 1 launcher loaded with 3 inferno missiles.

Code: [Select]
Type/Model:    "Preying Mantis"
Equipment:                                          Slots    Mass
Chassis Type:  Light Class Humanoid with Harjel       0       150
Motive System: Ground Movement (3 MP)                 0        60
               Jump Movement   (3 MP)                 0        75
Armor Type:    6 Points Reactive                      7       210

  Left Arm:    Battle Claw (w/ Vibro Claws)           0        50
  Right Arm:   Battle Claw (w/ Vibro Claws)           0        50

Weapons and Equipment                Loc     Shots  Slots    Mass
Heavy Machine Gun                    RA       100     1       155
TOTALS:                                               8       750
Slots & Mass Left:                                    0         0
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