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Author Topic: Black Shuck (CWiE Medium Quad)  (Read 1707 times)

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Black Shuck (CWiE Medium Quad)
« on: 22 November 2017, 03:16:39 »
Originally, this started off as an attempt to as closely mimic the Procyon (Quad) ProtoMech as possible. Then I had a few Redbulls along with putting in around 4hrs into MWO, and things kinda went off-track.

I'll get back to the mini-Procyon later...

As you can tell with its ground move being maxed out, this is a line/formation blitzer, meant to get in close and deliver its firepower right into their opponent's teeth. A Micro Pulse is used to ensure accuracy during a chaotic close-range engagement, while a high caliber machinegun is mounted to deal en masse with softer targets. Not forgetting about needing a ranged system, a single tubed advanced SRM launcher is mounted over the BA's spine with plentiful ammunition. Additionally, two modular AP mounts are set below the main guns, and while they can be customized, nominally are fitted with a Gauss sub-machinegun and a pulse laser rifle, both of which can be removed and used by the pilot if they need to exit their Battle Armor. However the BA is normally underweight slightly, so heavier AP weaponry can be outfitted with little to no issue, possibly up to even twin Mauser IIC rifles.

Named for an (in)famous spectral canine that haunts the eastern regions of England.

A possible variant I've considered is downgrading the AdvSRM to a standard SRM....but....I'd be able to fit in a second SRM tube, if with only 3 reloads instead of four, trading off endurance for immediate hitting power. Downside, and the reason I'm hesitant to do so? I'd have to drop the armor by one point.

A second variant, that doesn't mess with the armor, is to remove all but the micro pulse laser, to fit in a second micro pulse, and a one-shot standard SRM-3. Better accuracy, and vastly better immediate firepower, but with lower range and much less of a threat to infantry units (that or you pack the various anti-personnel munitions that SRMs carry....but then give up on anti-armor munitions entirely). So this variant would be a more dedicated anti-armor unit, whereas the original is much more of a multi-purpose loadout.

Code: [Select]
Black Shuck (CWiE) BattleArmor
Clan experimental

BV: 515
Cost: 2,812,500 C-bills

Movement: 5/5

Internal: 5
Armor: 50
                     Internal    Armor
Trooper 1                   1       10
Trooper 2                   1       10
Trooper 3                   1       10
Trooper 4                   1       10
Trooper 5                   1       10

Weapon                         Loc  Heat
Micro Pulse Laser (Body)       Point     1
Machine Gun (Body)             Point     0
Advanced SRM 1 (Body)          Point     0

Ammo                           Loc Shots
Advanced SRM 1 Ammo            Point     4

Equipment                      Loc
BA Standard                    None
Anti Personnel Weapon Mount (Body) Point
Anti Personnel Weapon Mount (Body) Point

Figured I'd drop this off just before Black Friday, and everyone loses their collective minds for 72 hours due to overdosing on turkey, gravy, and pumpkin pie.

So you guys can have a few hours to enjoy it before going nuts.