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Author Topic: Chione (Clan VTOL Med)  (Read 1231 times)

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Chione (Clan VTOL Med)
« on: 27 August 2017, 07:56:54 »
Sorry for the lack of fluff for this. Maybe later.
Chione = Greek spirit of wind/winter/ice, might be considered a minor goddess. Name used to keep in the tradition of 'elemental' naming practices used by the Clans.

Far more armor than the Slyph, able to take a IS LL to the chin and keep coming. Range is also superior in every way over the Slyph, in that the LMGs have double the range (if only 66% the firepower), and the AdvSRM2 it carries + 3 reloads, means it doesn't have to actually enter the same hex (or above it) as its target to do maximum damage. Whereas the Slyph, with its bomb rack, has to get near suicidally close to its target(s), and even then, only can do it once. For that matter, the Chione actually can slightly more damage overall (6, compared to 5), again, all at better ranges.

One downside of course is that it's VTOL move is only 4, but as the phrase goes about omelets & eggs....*shrugs*

Lastly, it has dual AP mounts, which my preference is to have dual Mauser IICs installed on them. Unless facing some of the more specialized infantry, it would be extremely nasty against generic types, or at least against anything that isn't setup to have AA qualities. The basic manipulators are there because of two reasons. First is that they take up no additional weight, whereas battle claws do (and I don't really see this landing much to go hand-to-hand with anyone, or landing on a 'Mech to rip it open), and that armored gloves 'count' as AP weapons, which would violate building restrictions (at least in MegaMek. I'm a bit fuzzy about the rule, mostly because I normally don't use AP mounts on arms that don't have a battle claw).

Not exactly all that great in open terrain, but anything like Urban/City or Canyon terrain? Where it can pop-out with little to no warning and then duck behind cover? Nasty.

Code: [Select]
Chione (Clan Medium VTOL) BattleArmor
Clan experimental

BV: 500
Cost: 4,445,000 C-bills

Movement: 1/1/4

Internal: 5
Armor: 40
                     Internal    Armor
Trooper 1                   1        8
Trooper 2                   1        8
Trooper 3                   1        8
Trooper 4                   1        8
Trooper 5                   1        8

Weapon                         Loc  Heat
Light Machine Gun (Left arm)   Point     0
Light Machine Gun (Right arm)  Point     0
Advanced SRM 2 (Body)          Point     0
Swarm Mek                      Point     0
Attack Swarmed Mek             Point     0
Stop Swarm Attack              Point     0
Leg Attack                     Point     0

Ammo                           Loc Shots
Advanced SRM 2 Ammo            Point     3

Equipment                      Loc
Anti Personnel Weapon Mount (Left arm) Point
Anti Personnel Weapon Mount (Right arm) Point
Basic Manipulator (Right arm)  Point
Basic Manipulator (Left arm)   Point