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Author Topic: Design Challenge: Suits to be taxied in and support Centurion Weapons Systems.  (Read 2336 times)


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So a new design challenge. 
The base idea is this a Merc company has gotten their hands on some Centurion Weapon Systems and the commander thinks these things will be amazing to shut down enemy mechs and has ordered them placed into pods to be attached to an omnimech lance to see if it works.  When the commander was told they old work at point blank range to bypass the enemy firewalls, the response was along the lines of "You're gonna get in and punch those <REDACTED> anyways!> 

The basic format is a lance of omnimechs that will each carry a battle armor into battle.  Two or Three of the mechs will be equipped with Centurion Weapon Systems to try to shut down enemy mechs.  Battle armor will dismount and engage the disabled mechs.  Swarming and leg attacks are valid options but not the only choices.  The lance will have at least one member intended to act as an anchor unit, and will not have a CWS as it/they are slower and not expected to engage enemy mechs at point blank range.  The Battle Armor attached to anchor mechs will be expected to dismount early in the battle and attempt to achieve objectives with out being taxied directly to the front unlike striker mechs. 

Since simply using a CWS on an enemy mech is not high odds of causing a shut down, the lance is bristling with heat inducing weapons including flamers, infernos, and plasma weapons.  However the designed battle armors are expected to attempt to help assist with any disabling attempts, from heat, to leg attacks, to EW weapons to help facilitate the hacking attempts.   

Year is unimportant, however as these are mercs on a budget IS gear should be the primary choice for components,  specialty IS gear or experimental equipment can be requisitioned as survival is required to get paid;  However clan gear while not forbidden should be severely limited as the budget for shark/fox purchases is strictly controlled. 

Suits must be able to mount on omnimechs, but are expected to have enough mobility that they can function on a front without being taxied to each target. 

We await your proposals. 

Addendum: If you wish to know the lance commander's current ideas on what mechs are intended for this sanity challenged squad, we know the following.  However do not feel forced that these mechs should be required for the challenge to write around.  Other omnis may be assumed for suit designs. 

Mek Alpha:  Men Shen 6/9 (12) has CWS  One proposed pod setting also includes a supercharger for a run of 15.  The accountant hates that version as the fuel budget eats into profit. 

Mek Beta:  Vandal 5/8 (10) has CWS  Includes supercharger, can not pod mount MASC 

Mek Delta:   Centurion 5/8/8  CWS Maybe fire support pod options remove the CWS and tend to drop the jump down to 5   

Mek Omega:  OmniMarauder 4/6 NO CWS Anchor mek splurged on clan tech shell, might afford some clan tech weapons including plasma cannons to build heat.  Attached BA will have to get off early so it can fight and they will need to get to the battle themselves.