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Author Topic: Grindylow Aquatic BattleArmor (Scorpion Empire)  (Read 1735 times)

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Grindylow Aquatic BattleArmor (Scorpion Empire)
« on: 21 October 2022, 00:57:43 »
Developed as something of a 'fast attack' unit for Clan Scorpion, these Battle Armor equipped units are in effect their version of aquatic Special Operations troops. Vastly faster underwater than their existing Undines, they can quickly scout ahead of any aquatic or amphibious assault. Developed as a cheaper alternative to the older and more massive Undine, they were just entering prototype trials when the Wars of Reaving ground their development to a halt, and no further work would be done on them until the  Escorpión Imperio has solidified. By the time it had, certain issues involving the sheer scale of conflicts that the Clan was now certain to face compared to those in the Clan Homeworlds, made it abundantly clear that sheer quantity was just as important as quality. Thus the program was dusted off, updated with a few things learned during the assaults on both Nueva Castile and Umayyad Caliphate held worlds.

One major step that went a long way towards it being put into service was including rapid swap-out components for the limbs along with inflatable bladders and additional overlapping myomer layers, all to better support the wearer. All of which meant that a smaller, non-Elemental phenotype, individual could use the suit just as well as a true Elemental, and yet in a matter of minutes, could be altered to fit one of the Elemental breed. Needless to say, their new vassal subjects whom hadn't quite made the cut to be piloting 'Mechs, be that MilitiaMechs or the rare true BattleMech, leapt at the change to be better than any 'mere' foot infantry. Senior members of the Scorpion's leadership were rather shocked at the sheer volume of requests all but demanding to be allowed to volunteer to train in one. To their credit, they did indeed pick out several squads made up of a mixture of Castilians and Umayyad 'frogmen' and were happily surprised by glowing reports, especially in how they were coming up with several very unconventional tactics tailored for the design, or in conjunction with the heavier/slower Undines. One notorious incident involving empty freshwater barrels, a noisemaker, lead weights, and several cheap scuba scooters allowed a group of Grindylow to fake a shallow depth frontal attack, while LRM/Ts from Undines churned the waters badly enough to all but blind both sonar and lidar. Their targets never realized until it was too late that two Stars of Grindylow had walked their way across the ocean floor using the cover of a seamount to mask their approach, before going to full thrust on the maneuvering units and mauling the opposition in an ambush with a combination of both SRM/Ts and clawed open hulls.

During open warfare, Grindylow come truly into their own. A few kilograms are deliberately set aside on each Battle Armor, allowing a trooper to carry limpet mines, decoy noisemakers, and other small items that can rapidly cause havoc in a harbor, be that moored ships, floating docks, or any pierside structure. Deep sea surface platforms, which generally have floors too thin to support Undine, and previously had to be assaulted 'the hard way' via a combination of surface combatants and VTOL ropeline delivered unarmored Elementals, found themselves to be dream targets for Grindylow. This due to each one being just light enough to not have the steel mesh flooring collapse under their mass and send them plummeting back into the waters below. In the Hanseatic League conquest, several defensive off-shore artillery platforms found themselves swarmed under in a matter of moments by entire Novas of Grindylow that they'd neither seen nor heard coming - mainly because the battle armor assault wave had climbed their way up the platform's support structure all the way from the seafloor.

Code: [Select]
Grindylow Aquatic BattleArmor
Type: Grindylow
Manufacturer: Unknown
    Primary Factory: Unknown

Tech Base: Clan (Advanced)
Chassis Type:  Biped
Weight Class: Light
Maximum Weight: 750 kg
Battle Value: 254
Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP: No/Yes/Yes/No
Note: Leg attacks can only be made in water of depth 1+

Equipment                                     Slots      Mass
Chassis:                                               150 kg
Motive System:                                               
     Ground MP:          1                               0 kg
     UMU MP:             5                             225 kg
    Left Arm:            Battle Claw                    15 kg
    Right Arm:           None                            0 kg
Armor:                   Stealth (Basic)        3      150 kg
    Armor Value:         6 (Trooper)                         

Weapons and Equipment            Location (Capacity)   Mass 
Micro Pulse Laser                Right Arm     1     160 kg
Searchlight                        Body        1       5 kg 
SRM 2 (OS)                         Body        2      40 kg 
Mission Equipment Storage (5 kg)   Body        1       5 kg 

MegaMekLabs allowed me to reach a UMU move of 5, so I rather ran....err...'swam'...with it.

If that's too high, as I'm thinking UMU 4 probably is the limit (sorry, no newer Errata available atm for me to know better), I've got an alternative.

The other version drops it to UMU 4, upgrades the existing Battle Claw to a Vibro version, drops the mission equipment, and gets a second normal Battle claw. Call it one for 'gently, but securely' holding onto a hull, while the Vibroclaw does [UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS] to the hull. Everything else on it stays the same.

Reason I went with only an armor of 5 was due to them being used against lower tech enemies with inferior weaponry, as its first true taste of combat would have been against the Hanseatic League. So something that could survive a SSW era ML is generally more than sufficient for a light BA. Your results may vary, of course.


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Re: Grindylow Aquatic BattleArmor (Scorpion Empire)
« Reply #1 on: 21 October 2022, 05:09:26 »
Tech Manual page 165 (current printing) allows up to 5 UMU for Light BA.