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Which one do you think would be more interesting?

Wheeled Battlearmor, possibly with a trailer?
Sub-2k combat vehicle, possibly with a trailer?

Author Topic: So - Wheeled Battlearmor with a trailer, or >2000kg armored vehicle and trailer?  (Read 1441 times)

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Basically that.  I've been working on a different project, but working on Wheeled Battlearmor construction and game rules as well as a BA trailer system in drips and drabs.  It's basically done, just needs some final touches.

I was working on it at work today, and thinking that maybe I was wasting my time, but I can't make a similar sized vehicle with appropriately BA-sized weapons.

Here's the BA(W) construction stuff - please forgive the formatting, I have neat tables in word, but can't be bothered to straighten it up right now.  What do you think?

Wheeled BA construction rules

1.   Design the chassis
Choose tech base
  This can be IS or Clan.

Choose weight
  Wheeled Battle armor must be classed Light to Assault.

Allocate weight for Internal Structure
  Wheeled Battlearmor must choose the Quad option.

Battlearmor Structure Weights Table
Class   Total Mass (kg)   Chassis Weight (kg)
Clan                        IS   Available
Light   401-750     150                       100   8
Medium   751-1000     250                       175   10
Heavy   1001-1500     400                       300   12
Assault   1501-2000     700                       550   14

2.   Install motive system
Determine ground movement
  Choose the amount of ground speed you require.  For each additional MP over the minimum, add the weight in the final column.
Battlearmor Ground Movement Table
Class   Minimum (Free) Ground Movement (Wheeled)   Maximum Ground Movement
(Wheeled)   Mass per Additional Movement Point (kg)
Light   3   8   20
Medium   2   7   40
Heavy   2   6   60
Assault   2   6   80

Determine Special Movement
  Jump Jets
    Wheeled Battlearmor can use Jump Jets, but they do not operate in the standard way; instead, it acts as a bonus to ground speed.  For each point of Jump movement, the Wheeled Battlearmor gains one MP in ground speed.  Wheeled Battlearmor may not use Jump Boosters.

Battlearmor Jump Jets
Class   Jump Jets (Clan & IS)
Max Jump MP       Weight/MP
Light   3                         25
Medium   3                         50
Heavy   2                       125
Assault   2                       250

     VTOL flight
       Available only with Clan technology, only Light Wheeled Battlearmor can use this technology, permitting it to maneuver as a VTOL
   following the rules in TW.  Note the use of Jump Jets assists in this.

       Available to Light and Medium Wheeled Battlearmor, this option allows them to maneuver in water to Depth 1.

Special Physical Enhancements
  Jump Booster
    A jump booster adds one additional MP to ground speed.  The Wheeled Battlearmor requires Jump Jets to be present, and may
not be combined with a partial wing. The jump booster weighs 125 kg and occupies 2 slots in the Body to accommodate it.

     Partial Wing
    A partial wing allows Wheeled Battlearmor to achieve limited, straight-line flight when at top speed.  To achieve this, any Wheeled
Battlearmor must have Jump Jets present and move its maximum in a straight line.  The Partial Wing allows it to utilize ground
effect to avoid the effect of Rough terrain or Water, treating a single hex as clear terrain, and cannot be used to cross Wooded
terrain.  This effect cannot be achieved while towing a trailer and the Wheeled Battlearmor remains at ground level for calculating   LOS.  A partial wing weighs 200 kg and occupies 2 slots in the Body to accommodate it.

3.   Add manipulators
  Designers may choose to utilize a design with four wheels or equip it with manipulators.  Due to the difficulty of using them with
Wheeled Battlearmor, they are limited to Basic Manipulators, at no cost in mass.

4.   Add Armor
  Wheeled Battlearmors add armor as normal, following the standard construction rules in TM.  Note they can carry slightly more
armor than conventional legged units.

Maximum Wheeled
Battlearmor Armor Chart
Light   7
Medium   12
Heavy   16
Assault   20

Battlearmor Armor types
Armor Type          kgs/AP
Clan           IS   Slots   Special Benefits
Standard   25             50   0   
Standard (Advanced)    0              40   5   
Standard (Prototype)    0             100   4   
Stealth (Basic)   30             55   3   Range Modifiers (0/+1/+2), Invisible to AP
Stealth (Improved)   35             60   5   Range Modifiers (+1/+2/+3), Invisible to AP
Stealth (Prototype)    0             100   4   Range Modifiers (0/+1/+2), Invisible to AP
Stealth (Standard)   35             60   4   Range Modifiers (+1/+1`/+2), Invisible to AP
Fire Resistant   30              0   5   No damage from heat-causing weapons.
Mimetic    0             50   7   Movement Modifiers
0 MP          +3
1 MP          +2
2 MP          +1
>= 3 MP      0

5.   Add weapons, ammunition, and other equipment
  Unlike standard Battlearmor, Wheeled Battlearmor requires designers to use formal weapon arcs or a turret (either standard or sponson turrets) rather than considering them capable of 360’ arcs.  A single turret (or both sponson turrets) require 10% of all weapon and equipment tonnage mounted in the turret to be assigned as the mass of the turret assembly according to the standard rules.
    Wheeled Battlearmor mounting weapons and equipment from the Battlearmor Equipment Table do not track heat generated by weapons fire or equipment.

Special Rules for Wheeled Battlearmor

1.   Arcs

2.   Trailers
  Wheeled Battlearmor utilizing Trailer Hitches involuntarily restrict themselves from firing into the hex immediately behind them until the trailer is removed (either from enemy fire or abandoned voluntarily), although rear-facing weapons on the trailer are not affected.
  Wheeled Battlearmor trailers mounting weapons or equipment from the Heavy Equipment Charts must remain heat neutral, requiring Heat Sinks to operate heat generating weapons or equipment, although as vehicles they do not track heat generated by ballistic or missile weapons.
  Wheeled Battlearmor trailers mounting energy weapons from the Heavy Equipment Charts must be provided ICE/power amplifiers, a ‘Mule’ equipped to generate sufficient power, or a fusion power plant to generate power and provide cooling.

3.   Terrain restrictions
4.   Motive restrictions

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