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Author Topic: Modifying the Phalanx  (Read 1221 times)


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Modifying the Phalanx
« on: 27 February 2020, 05:54:26 »
I want to really like the Phalanx, its like the only real Inner Sphere heavy battle armor that can hitch a ride on Omnimechs for quite a while. I just...can't really stand the King David Gauss Rifle.

So, what can I do with it?

Code: [Select]
Phalanx Heavy Battle Armor Modified Type 1
Type: Phalanx Heavy Battle Armor
Manufacturer: Unknown
    Primary Factory: Unknown

Tech Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Chassis Type:  Biped
Weight Class: Heavy
Maximum Weight: 1,500 kg
Battle Value: 568
Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP: No/No/Yes/No

Equipment                                     Slots      Mass   
Chassis:                                               300 kg   
Motive System:                                                   
     Ground MP:          2                              80 kg   
     Jump MP:            0                               0 kg   
    Left Arm:            Battle Claw                    15 kg
    Right Arm:           Armored Gloves                  0 kg
Armor:                   Stealth (Improved)     5      600 kg   
    Armor Value:         11 (Trooper)                           

Weapons and Equipment         Location (Capacity)   Mass
Gauss Rifle                     Body       1       100 kg
SRM 3                           Body       2       180 kg
SRM 3 Ammo (4)                  Body       1        120 kg
Needler                       Left Arm     1       50 kg
Needler                       Right Arm     1       50 kg

I know, I know, I lost 1 SRM tube. But I wanted more armor, that 7 armor was just begging for a Large Pulse Laser to kill it dead. So I managed to get the armor up to 10 points, which I felt was more sufficient. Now, this is more aimed at the ATOW (I'm hoping to use it something similar to it in a future game) and the Firedrakes are just amazing in ATOW for sheer fire rate for only 50kg. The David Gauss Rifle is sorta a sniper rifle to back up the SRMs. 5kg is left over for more ammo.


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Re: Modifying the Phalanx
« Reply #1 on: 03 March 2020, 12:41:01 »
Solid update, (even though getting the Armour upp is expensive with Improved stealth weight)

Also you made me want to do a take on it.