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Author Topic: Knob heavy battlearmor  (Read 983 times)

Rick Atlas

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Knob heavy battlearmor
« on: 23 June 2013, 13:21:31 »
Another doomed effort by the Smoke Jaguars, only a few points of Knobs had been constructed before the clan met its end.  This battlearmor was essentially a Corona variant redesigned to use multiple diverse weapons instead of one big laser, and was just beginning to undergo preproduction testing.   Although capable of mechanized-battlearmor tactics, this suit is generally regarded as being too slow and underarmored for its speed.  It tries to make up for those shortcomings by carrying 800kg of weaponry.

-400            humanoid  3-6-3
-300            12 pts standard armor
-0               2 basic manipulators

The main weapon of this armor is an Advanced SRM 4 with 4 reloads.  This new missile launcher allows it to far outperform the missile system on the old elemental suit.  A pair of arm mounted support ppcs as secondary weapons have decent damage and range, but the suit lacks anti-infantry firepower.

-150            ASRM 4               b
-160            ammo ASRM 4 (4)         b
-240            support ppc            ra
-240            support ppc            la

The second suit carries a LRM 4 with 12 reloads, giving this armor almost unprecedented long range power.  The medium recoilless rifle carried as a backup weapon provides a good mix of firepower, range, and anti-infantry capability.

-140            LRM 4               b
-402            ammo LRM 4 (12)         b
-250            medium recoilless rifle      ra

The third prototype uses a pair of er-small lasers to excell at direct attacks, with each battlearmor capable of doing 10 points of damage.  Efforts were made to increase its mobility, but can only be partially sucessfull on suits this heavy.  A pair of arm mounted modular AP mounts let the suit attach up to 10kg of infanty weapons.

-350            er small laser         b
-350            er small laser         b
-80               +1 ground mp (2)
-20               2 modular ap weapon mounts with 10 kg capacity         ra/la

Twin small pulse lasers give this suit very good anti-infantry capability, but it is hampered by poor mobility.
-400            small pulse laser      ra
-400            small pulse laser      la

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