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Author Topic: Lords of Ruin verse: Helghan Republic Power/Battle Armored Infantry  (Read 1951 times)


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This is a more open place for people involved in the Killzone/Battletech Quest on SV to make and discuss units. It will keep the main thread from being filled with everyone trying to post random designs and it stops people from accusing me of running a cabal with the PM group. There will be a thread for Battlemechs, Battle Armor/Power Armor, and Aerospace units as well. Here is the link to the main quest and all current units that have been made will be posted here over time or when I can go through and find them again.

This one will be primarily for building and discussing the future power armor units and general infantry units.
Fun quest that need more people:

Skywalker For Senator (Star Wars) - Q, Star Wars: Beyond the Republic, We Stand Against the Stars (Gundam/Macross) Crossover, Mobile Suit Gundam: Divided Federation (Civ Quest), The Lords of Ruin -- Battletech/Killzone Crossover, Star War Moff Quest: Lost in Space