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Author Topic: The Other War - Lamprey Amphibious Battle Armor  (Read 1742 times)


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The Other War - Lamprey Amphibious Battle Armor
« on: 25 November 2020, 17:57:11 »
Lamprey Amphibious Battle Armor
Tech Base: Clan-tech
Chassis Type: Humanoid
Weight Class: Medium
Maximum Weight: 1,000 kg
Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP: Yes/Yes/Yes/No
Equipment Slots Mass
Chassis: 175 kg
Motive System:
Ground MP: 1 0 kg
UMU MP (Clan): 2 170 kg
Right Arm: Heavy Battle Claw 20 kg
Left Arm: Heavy Battle Claw 20 kg
Armor: Standard 350 kg
Armor Value: 7 + 1 (Trooper)
Weapons and Equipment Location (Capacity) Mass
Extended Life Support (C) Body 1 25 kg
Power Pack Body 1 25 kg
Search Light Body 1 5 kg
Pop-Up Mine Body 1 200 kg

Developed by the Society principally as an underwater tool for sabotage the Lamprey combines many advances in sensors and strategy made by their scientist to the classic Golden Century era Water Elemental Mining Suit that ultimately spawned the Elemental Battle Armor. During their first large scale deployment in 3061 these suits were responsible for damaging underwater pipelines and fiber optic cables on Strato Domingo causing serious damage to the Hargel refineries and the Diamond Shark's reputation in the process.

They are typically paired with the Society's own Nautilus (an underwater variant of the equally old Lupus) but certainly use hovertanks and other omni-units to offset slow ground speed. This lack of mobility is a liability but it suits the ambush and terror tactics favored by The Society. Even on land suits can make short work of light infantry and vehicles that get in the way while being relatively well protected from small arms fire and some heavy weapons the suit being only capable of withstanding a shot from a Clan ERML.
Optional Configurations
There are two alternate configuration, one replaces the pop-up mine launcher with standard cargo just as it was in the Water Elemental. The other replaces the Pop-Up Mine launcher with four small but smart naval mines anchored to the sea floor or lake bed.

Through Hanseatic League contacts the Society is currently looking into incorporating the Firedrake Needler recently invented in the Inner Sphere.