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Author Topic: Lynx Quad Battle Armor  (Read 949 times)

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Lynx Quad Battle Armor
« on: 01 November 2016, 02:00:17 »
A prototype, and occasionally experimental, quadruped battle armor developed by the Spirit Cats after their move to the Clan Protectorate in the Free Worlds League. Using information gleamed from salvaged Black Wolf units that carried the Wolf Empire's newly developed battle armor scaled LB-X autocannon, the Clan was able to reverse engineer a version suitable for their own purposes, and that of the FWLM. Unique among Battle Armor, although the Centaur comes closest, the Lynx is deliberately designed to act as an low-altitude anti-air platform, as the mounting for its LB-X can raise the autocannon's elevation as high as 70 degrees above level. While not turreted, this still can be a deadly surprise for many unwary VTOLs, WiGEs or even light Aerospace Fighters, who unknowingly are about to fly straight into a flak storm.

On the ground, the autocannon can still prove deadly, especially when the firepower of the Lynx's ultralight Gauss rifle is added into play. The similar range characteristics of both weapons does well to complement each other, leaving no real range gap for a hostile unit to easily exploit. Added to all that, the Lynx mounts an advanced dual-tube Clan SRM launcher, set between the ballistic weapons, providing not only both excellent accuracy and heavy firepower, but almost a third more range over the rest of its armament. Taken together with the fact it mounts enough armor to survive through being hit by anything less then a large laser, plus a ground speed equal to that of most assault mechs, and you have a unit that can easily slot into most defensive roles along with spearheading an infantry assault force.

Much like its namesake, which is a well known nocturnal predator of Terra, the Lynx also has additional sensors in the form of several wide-angle and highly sensitive boom microphones, able to pick up even the slightest of whispers, paired with a searchlight system that mimic's its namesake's eyes. All of which make it a force to be reckoned with during night time operations. While not built with any innate stealth systems, Lynx pilots are trained to use terrain to their best advantage, and are not above using ghille nets to hide under while on the defensive and mostly powered down except for their sensors. Suddenly finding yourself caught in the searchlight eyes of a Lynx at close range can be a terrifying moment that causes most infantryman to briefly freeze up and hesitate. A hesitation many do not live to learn from.

The only known variant of the Lynx turns it from a multi-role unit into a purely offensive anti-ground type. Removing its entire armament except for the anti-personnel Gauss rifle, and its upgraded sensors, it added in a second Gauss Rifle, micro-pulse laser, and upgrades the missile launcher with a third tube. Internally referred to as the 'Bobcat' by its pilots, this model is still undergoing proving ground tests alongside its older sibling on Angell II.

Code: [Select]
Lynx BattleArmor
Clan experimental

BV: 615
Cost: 3,508,750 C-bills

Movement: 4/4

Internal: 5
Armor: 40
                     Internal    Armor
Trooper 1                   1        8
Trooper 2                   1        8
Trooper 3                   1        8
Trooper 4                   1        8
Trooper 5                   1        8

Weapon                         Loc  Heat
Swarm Mek                      Point     0
Attack Swarmed Mek             Point     0
Stop Swarm Attack              Point     0
Leg Attack                     Point     0
AP Gauss Rifle (Body)          Point     1
Battle Armor LB-X AC (Body)    Point     0
Advanced SRM 2 (Body)          Point     0

Ammo                           Loc Shots
Advanced SRM 2 Ammo            Point     1
Advanced SRM 2 Ammo            Point     1

Equipment                      Loc
Shotgun Microphone (Body)      Point
Handheld Searchlight (Body)    Point

This is my current 'go-to' toy I reach for whenever one of my friends pulls out his VTOL/WiGE-Tank force. Also its surprisingly good against hovertanks, although for no real reason that I can tell, either in the stats nor the fluff I wrote up for it. Just that the dice really REALLY like them whenever hovers try to get by.

Don't ask me why.  ???