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Author Topic: Enrai (Distant Thunder) Light Scout Suit  (Read 2186 times)


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Enrai (Distant Thunder) Light Scout Suit
« on: 28 February 2011, 17:36:44 »
Here's to NOT jumping around and gliding while wearing stealth armour!  ;)

Code: [Select]
        Classic BattleTech Battle Armor Technical Readout

Type/Model:    Enrai 
Tech/Era:      Inner Sphere / 3067 / CBT Rules
Chassis Type:  Humanoid, Kage
Weight Class:  Light Battle Armor (401 - 750 kg)
Rules:         Level 2, Custom design

Ground Speed:  32.4 km/h
Armor Type:    Basic Stealth
R&D Start Date:  April 3062
Prototype Design and Production:  October 3063
Standard Production:  March 3065
Manufacturer:  Cosby BattleMech Research Firm, New Samarkand Metals
  Location:    Vega, New Samarkand

While the Kage suits are fearsome if oxymoronic in its
capabilities of being a recon design with the-then longest jump
range, it was limited to only the Draconis Combine's Elite Strike
Teams. This limited its deployment potential for standard DCMS
regiments who had to petition not for access to the suit but to
attach a deadly fighting force to their unit. This gave many
regimental commanders headaches who simply relied on foot infantry
to provide the majority of the work the Kage could do.

That changed in 3061 when Cosby BattleMech Research Firm
approached several DCMS units who were refused access to a DEST
unit to carry out their operations and suffered for it. Taking
these testimonies to the few other Battle Armour producers in the
Combine, Cosby set out to create a mundane alternative to the
Kage. This of course brought intense ISF scrutiny which nearly
caused the project to be cancelled.

Dubbed the "enrai" or distant thunder, the Light battle armour
suit shares the same base as the Kage, using even the same outline
as the suit. However, the unit doesn't make use of jumpjets
whatsoever, instead relying on Cosby's specialty: compact and
powerful myomer bundles. The Enrai can achieve a footspeed of 32.8
kph on even ground and early endurance tests have shown that the
modified leg structure has no greater maintenance requirements, a
testimony to Cosby's capabilities.

The DCMS's primary concern isn't so much active probe deployment
but rather "spotters" for a regiment's artillery and fire support.
To this end, it sports a Light TAG on the suit's left shoulder.
This frees up the armoured gloved hands of the suit to grasp a
rifle if the trooper is so inclined. If not, a massive Support PPC
is grafted on to the suit's right bicep to deliver heavy firepower
when necessary.

The suit is surprisingly open to modifications, several of which
can be performed "in the field" (as long as it is properly stocked
with sophisticated gear). The most common variant replaces the
Support PPC with an Active Probe.  Typically, one squad in a
platoon will sport the Active Probe instead of the Support PPC.
These troopers instead wield heavy sniper rifles to, ostensibly,

The Capellan Confederation's Fa Shih suit actually delayed the
Enrai's production as its developers sought to incorporate its
magnetic clamp system on the design. DCMS officers all agree that
the addition of that system, in place of additional sensors, is
much more useful in the long run.

The ISF so far have been neutral to the suit's production. The
Enrai steers well clear of the Kage's responsibilities and
capabilities, focusing on purely supporting DCMS assets, which
really is an accusation that the Kage is little more than a DEST
toy. Still, response has been polite and warm if not enthusiastic.
Many DCMS unit commanders have received the suits with joy but are
still waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop.

Production, both on New Samarkand under ISF observation and on
Vega (under heavier ISF observation) is on schedule. Cosby has no
intention of exporting the design except to the SLDF as per the
Coordinator's suggestion.

Type/Model:    Enrai
Equipment:                                          Slots    Mass
Chassis Type:  Light Class Humanoid                   0       100
Motive System: Ground Movement (3 MP)                 0        60
Armor Type:    5 Points Basic Stealth                 3       275

  Left Arm:    Armored Glove                          0         0
  Right Arm:   Armored Glove                          0         0

Weapons and Equipment                Loc     Shots  Slots    Mass
Light TAG                            LA        60     1        35
Magnetic Clamps                      Body             2        30
Support PPC                          RA        14     2       250
TOTALS:                                               8       750
Slots & Mass Left:                                    0         0

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:     364,500 C-Bills, Including Trooper
                Training Costs of 150,000 C-bills
Battle Value:   37 (148 for 4)  Weapon Value: 14 (Ratio=.38)
Cost per BV:    5,797.3 (w/o Trooper Training costs)
Damage Factors: SRDmg = 1   MRDmg = 0   LRDmg = 0
Mechanized:     Can travel on all 'Mechs & Vehicles
Attacks:        Can perform Swarm and Leg attacks
BattleForce2:   Class: IB   MP: 3   Armor/Structure: 2 / 0
                Damage PB/M/L: 1/1/-   Overheat: 0
                Point Value: 1    Specials: xmec, tag, car4

CBT:RPG Data:   Armor Value (M/B/E/X): 7/7/6/6    Coverage: Full
                IR: +6,  ECM: +6,  Camo: 0
                Melee AP: 0,  Target Size Modifier: 0
                Movement Modifiers:
                  Walking: +4,  Running: +8,  Sprinting: +12
                Attribute Modifiers:  STR: +2,  DEX: -1,  RFL: -1
                Equipment Rating:  E/E/E

                Created by HeavyMetal Battle Armor


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Re: Enrai (Distant Thunder) Light Scout Suit
« Reply #1 on: 28 February 2011, 21:15:27 »
I like it, nice fluff too.  Kind of a mix of the Void and the Kage with a bit of GD Standard thrown in.

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Re: Enrai (Distant Thunder) Light Scout Suit
« Reply #2 on: 04 March 2011, 00:19:35 »
I also like it.  It's inspired a "raid" variant that I think I'd use- swap out the Support PPC for twin LMGs, use the remaining 100kg to install vibro battle claws.  Slight sacrifice in range in exchange for ammo endurance, anti-infantry capability, and a *nasty* swarm capability.  Maybe swap out the TAG for mission gear, whether it'd be target beacons, shaped charges, or other gear.

I think that might be more useful for behind-the-lines raiding, whether based on a strategic-level game or used in AToW, although the existing design is almost certainly better suited to combined-arms field warfare, especially with the TAG (and considering the rarity of convention infantry on the battlefield).


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Re: Enrai (Distant Thunder) Light Scout Suit
« Reply #3 on: 04 March 2011, 08:48:46 »
Thanks guys. Yeah the GDL scout suit is what I had in mind really, Kuritanized it if you will.

NightmareSteel, cool variant. I figure with this being more widespread than the Kage, variants such as those would become necessary.