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Author Topic: Keres Scout Battle Armor  (Read 2981 times)


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Keres Scout Battle Armor
« on: 16 February 2011, 08:54:01 »
Long a player in the battlemech refit and repair secondary market, Last Chance Engineering & Design began to toy with battle armor shortly after the outbreak of the Jihad. Although intimately familiar with small scale mech fabrication, LCED lacked the resources, and Chesterton the infrastructure, necessary for large scale battlemech production.  However, battle armor represented a more feasible scale of combat unit for LCED to tackle in full scale production. After the destruction of Grey Death Technologies on Glengarry, LCED was able to secure a license to produce Grey Death Technologies battle suits from the Carlyle estate.

After limited success with an initial production run of the Grey Death Light Scout suit, Last Chance Engineering and Design was determined to enter the market in earnest, beginning construction of several battle armor production lines on Chesterton in late 3073. Using their connections with General Motors - experienced producers of both the Cavalier and Grenadier - LCED was able to secure critical assistance in the scale up of their battle armor facilities.

During the construction phase, with the assistance of the engineers from GM, a number of minor alterations were made to the baseline scout suit to both streamline production and cut costs, as well as improving combat performance. The redesigned light armor was named the Keres, and two versions have begun rolling off the lines.  Both sacrifice the original GD Scout's jump booster for improved protection and firepower, while adding stealth armor, improved sensors and a light TAG systems to fill the role of scout/spotter.  The A model is armed with a light machine gun and adds advanced countermeasures to the EW suite.  The Keres-B trades the ECM for even greater firepower, upgrading the main weapon to a light recoilless rifle.

Type/Model: Keres Scout Armor
Manufacturer: Last Chance Engineering
  Primary Factory: Chesterton
Chassis Type: Humanoid
Weight Class: Light
Maximum Weight: 750 kg
Battle Value (Squad of 4):
  28 (145) Keres A
  39 (201) Keres B
Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP:  Yes/Yes/Yes/No 
Equipment:                                   Slots   Mass
Chassis Type:  IS Light Humanoid               0      100
Motive System: Ground Movement (1 MP)          0        0
               Jump Jets       (3 MP)          0       75
  Left Arm:    Armored Glove                   0        0
  Right Arm:   Armored Glove                   0        0
Armor Type:    Standard Stealth                4      300
  Armor Value: 5 + 1 (Trooper)

Keres A
Weapons and Equipment           Loc  Shots   Slots   Mass
ECM Suite                       Body           1      100
Improved Sensors                Body           1       65
Light Machine Gun               RA    50       1       75
Light TAG                       RA    60       1       35
Totals:                                        8      750
Slots & Mass Left:                             0        0

Keres B
Weapons and Equipment           Loc  Shots   Slots   Mass
Improved Sensors                Body           1       65
Light TAG                       Body  60       1       35
Light Recoilless Rifle          RA    20       2      175
Totals:                                        8      750
Slots & Mass Left:                             0        0

Note: This a retouched and fully fluffed version of a design I posted on the old forums.


PS I've done all the calculations/design/read-out by hand so if you notice any errors please let me know.
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Re: Keres Scout Battle Armor
« Reply #1 on: 17 February 2011, 08:48:36 »
Oh no, Last Chance industries has moved to new markets.  Things will never be the same.  I know you just can't make just one mate.

Nice light suit by the way, should give many a Wobbie fits.

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Re: Keres Scout Battle Armor
« Reply #2 on: 27 March 2011, 21:03:00 »
Sweet suit.  I think I'd like a flamer armed incendiary variant, but that's easy enough to reverse engineer from the End User's end... if you'll forgive the redundancy.