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Author Topic: GL-1C Ghillie Light Battle Armor  (Read 1750 times)

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GL-1C Ghillie Light Battle Armor
« on: 10 April 2011, 18:30:26 »
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        Classic BattleTech Battle Armor Technical Readout

Type/Model:    Ghillie GL-1C
Tech/Era:      Inner Sphere / 2967 / CBT Rules
Chassis Type:  Humanoid, FX Hunter
Weight Class:  Light Battle Armor (401 - 750 kg)
Rules:         Level 2, Custom design

Ground Speed:  32.4 km/h
  Propulsion System:  GM
Armor Type:    Valiant Gauntlet Standard
Armament and Equipment:
  2 (Anti-Personnel Weapon Space)s
  1 Rosalyn Electronics Inc. Camo System
  1 Rosalyn Electronics Inc. Remote Sensor Dispenser
  1 Rosalyn Electronics Inc. Laser Microphone
  1 Rosalyn Electronics Inc. Shotgun Microphone
  1 Mission Equipment
  1 Fox Bay Systems Extended Life Support
R&D Start Date:  2955
Prototype Design and Production:  2963
Standard Production:  2967
Manufacturer:  Fox Bay Armaments
  Location:    Port Stanley
Communications System:  Garret Type 4
Targeting & Tracking System:  Garret GRNDTRK 9

     A dedicated scout unit, the Ghillie suit is intended to be
neither seen nor heard.
     Twelve years in development, the Ghillie suit required fresh
ideas and new technology from the best and brightest minds in the
Outer Colonies. Rosalyn Electronics Inc., the main sub-contractor,
put every other project on hold while they developed the new
systems needed to make the Ghillie work.

     Packed to the gills with new and advanced technology, the
Ghillie is a scouts dream come true. Capable of operating alone
for extended periods of time, the Ghillie carries a wide varsity
of equipment that allows the operator to locate the enemy without
being seen, then slip away again. This does mean that the weapons
load is limited to standard infantry issue, but the Ghillie was
never built for a stand-up fight, so this is considered a faire

     Liked not only by the regular military and special forces but
also the Colonial Marshals office, the Ghillie is deployed
actively across the Outer Colonies and no-doubt beyond.

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Type/Model:    Ghillie GL-1C
Equipment:                                          Slots    Mass
Chassis Type:  Light Class Humanoid                   0       100
Motive System: Ground Movement (3 MP)                 0        60
Armor Type:    6 Points Standard                      0       300

  Left Arm:    Armored Glove                          0         0
  Right Arm:   Armored Glove                          0         0

Weapons and Equipment                Loc     Shots  Slots    Mass
(Anti-Personnel Weapon Space)        Lf Hand          0         0
(Anti-Personnel Weapon Space)        Rt Hand          0         0
Camo System                          Body             2       200
Remote Sensor Dispenser              RA               1        40
Laser Microphone                     LA               1         5
Shotgun Microphone                   LA               1         5
Mission Equipment (15kg Capy)        Body             1         0
Extended Life Support                Body             1        25
TOTALS:                                               7       735
Slots & Mass Left:                                    1        15

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:     533,400 C-Bills, Including Trooper
                Training Costs of 150,000 C-bills
Battle Value:   21 (84 for 4)  Weapon Value: 4 (Ratio=.19)
Cost per BV:    18,257.14 (w/o Trooper Training costs)
Damage Factors: SRDmg = 0   MRDmg = 0   LRDmg = 0
Mechanized:     Can travel on OmniMechs and OmniVehicles
Attacks:        Can perform Swarm and Leg attacks
BattleForce2:   Class: IB   MP: 3   Armor/Structure: 2 / 0
                Damage PB/M/L: -/-/-   Overheat: 0
                Point Value: 1    Specials: mec, car4

CBT:RPG Data:   Armor Value (M/B/E/X): 8/7/6/6    Coverage: Full
                IR: 0,  ECM: 0,  Camo: +4
                Melee AP: 0,  Target Size Modifier: 0
                Movement Modifiers:
                  Walking: +3,  Running: +6,  Sprinting: +9
                Attribute Modifiers:  STR: +2,  DEX: 0,  RFL: -2
                Equipment Rating:  E/E/E

                Created by HeavyMetal Battle Armor
"That's the thing about invading the Capellan Confederation: half a decade later, you want to invade it again"
-Attributed to First-Prince Hanse Davion, 3030