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Author Topic: Mongrel Hun  (Read 2038 times)

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Mongrel Hun
« on: 06 May 2011, 12:25:01 »
A newly styled Fa Shih

Mongrel Hun (Fa Shih Custom)
Tech Base:         Inner Sphere
Chassis Design:         Humanoid
Chassis Weight:         Medium : Chassis Weight 751 - 1000kg
Chassis Movement
   Ground Movement:   10.8 kph
Power Plant:         Capellan Special X
Jump Jets:         3
   Jump Capacity:      90 metres
Armour Type:         Stealth Magnetic Special
   1 Modular Weapon Mount
   1 Medium Recoilless Rifle
   2 Anti-Personnel Mount
Manufacturer:         Raging Horde Mercenary Command
   Location:      Currently Hesperus II
Communications System:      Viler IX Alpha
Targeting and Tracking System:   Rex XII Hubertus

   The Mongrel Hun was developed by two warriors and a tech working for the Raging Horde Mercenary Battle Armour Cluster, a unit dominated by Clan-born Elementals but with a steadily growing Inner Sphere born contingent.   The Mongrel Hun is a design developed and born from several containers worth of spare parts bought on the black market by the command’s Executive Officer Roberto Maine.

   The Mongrel Hun is a medium class suit with three jump jets and a ninety metre jump capacity.  The six points of Basic Stealth Armour is styled like the original Fa Shih armour including the exact same helmet design style, this was done not out of respect for the original design but so that if a user of this suit was fighting Capellans or on borders close to the Confederation they would think it was a standard suit.  The suit also features the Fa Shih’s Magnetic Clamps which allows it to travel as a mechanised unit on Vehicles and BattleMechs as well as OmniMechs.
   Offensively the Battle Armour has a Heavy Battle Claw on the Left Arm flanked by an anti-personnel weapon mount and a powerful searchlight.  On the right arm there is a modular weapon mount with 250kg space left over for weapons, this is commonly a Medium Recoilless Rifle with combined with the ant-personnel weapon makes this suit walking death for enemy infantry.

   Currently only four of these suits exist as there was only enough salvage for four suits.  The Raging Horde are however considering buying more parts and building more of these suits making it the standard Inner Sphere tech Battle Armour used by the Mercenaries.

Code: [Select]
Mongrel Hun (Fa Shih Custom)
Equipment                              Slots            Mass
Chassis System:  Medium - Humanoid       0               175
Chassis Movement Systems
        Ground MP:          1            0                 0
Jump Jets
        Jump MP:            3            0               150
Armour Type : 6 points Basic Stealth     3               330
Chassis Manipulators
        Left Arm : Heavy Battle Claw      0                20
Right Arm : None                 0                 0

Chassis Equipment               Locatiom   Ammo    Slots  Mass
Modular Weapon Mount             RA        N/A       1     10
Medium Recoilless Rifle          RA        20        2    250
Anti-Personnel Mount             LA        N/A       1      5
Searchlight                      LA        N/A       1      5
Magnetic Clamps                  Body      N/A       2     40

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