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Author Topic: UM-BA-1 UrbanArmor  (Read 1548 times)


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UM-BA-1 UrbanArmor
« on: 16 October 2020, 21:36:13 »
An urbanmech inspired heavy battlearmor meant to serve as area deterrent and support roles in an infantry/BA force.

would use a cockpit control set up similar to the Kanazuchi. would resemble an  urbanmech with a cylindrical domed torso, with a Heavy recoilless rifle in one arm, and an antipersonnel mount above a spotlight in the other arm. the body includes additional sensors. it is slow moving on the ground but has a boosted jump capacity to get around in built up areas.

Code: [Select]
UrbanArmor UM-BA-1
Type: UrbanArmor
Manufacturer: Unknown
    Primary Factory: Unknown

Tech Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Chassis Type:  Biped
Weight Class: Heavy
Maximum Weight: 1,500 kg
Battle Value: 237
Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP: No/No/No/No

Equipment                                     Slots      Mass
Chassis:                                               300 kg
Motive System:                                               
     Ground MP:          1                               0 kg
     Jump MP:            2                             250 kg
    Left Arm:            None                            0 kg
    Right Arm:           None                            0 kg
Armor:                   Standard (Basic)       0      400 kg
    Armor Value:         9 (Trooper)                         

Weapons and Equipment         Location (Capacity)   Mass 
Recoilless Rifle              Right Arm     3       325 kg
Anti Personnel Weapon Mount   Left Arm     1        5 kg 
Heat Sensor                     Body       1       20 kg 
Improved Sensors                Body       1       65 kg 
Searchlight                   Left Arm     1        5 kg 
Jump Booster                    Body       2       125 kg

in deployment flaws were identified which saw the suit production cancelled for redesign (it had a bad habit of falling over and not being able to get up)


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Re: UM-BA-1 UrbanArmor
« Reply #1 on: 16 October 2020, 23:04:49 »
Clan Jade Falcon was there first ...

The Spheroid Pacification Suit, aka the "Urbanmental". Designed for use by spheroids who tested loyal to the Clan, the suit cut many corners in order to provide a suit of battle armour which could be used by those without the skill or genetic legacy of Clan elemental warriors. Armless, and armed with a recoilless rifle and antipersonnel weapon, the suit did have fireproof armour (to protect against molotovs, and flame fougasses), the suit had potential but proved too expensive for wide deployment.
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Re: UM-BA-1 UrbanArmor
« Reply #2 on: 17 October 2020, 03:26:34 »
I'm OK with both of these!  :thumbsup:
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Re: UM-BA-1 UrbanArmor
« Reply #3 on: 17 October 2020, 11:11:06 »
Leave it to CJF to resurrect Angry Birds!
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