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Author Topic: Raiden Upgrade  (Read 1642 times)

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Raiden Upgrade
« on: 05 October 2011, 22:15:01 »
A simple Upgrade variant, banged out in under 20 minutes.  Did this more for aethetics.  Figured with the Combine becoming more and more interested in the PPC they'd want that on thier standard battle armors.  Also, the sword blade battle claw goes with how i hear Combine attitudes are shifting.:

Type: Raiden Upgrade
Manufacturer: New Samarkand Metals; New Samarkand Armor Works
   Primary Factory: New Samarkand
Tech base: Inner Sphere (advanced)
Chassis Type: Humanoid
Weight Class: Medium
Maximum Weight: 1000kg
Battle Value: 52 (PPC)
                        59 ( Recoiless Rifle)
                        39 (Flamer)
Swarm/Leg/Mechanized/AP: yes/yes/yes/yes

Equipment                                                              Slots      Mass
Chassis                                                                                  175 kg
Motive Systems
   Ground MP:  1
   Jump MP:      3                                                       150 kg
   Right Arm: none                                                       
   Left Arm:  Vibro-Battle Claw                                  50 kg
Armor (Advanced):                                                   5           360 kg
   Armor Value: 9+1 for trooper

Weapon or Equipment           Location                Slots      Mass
Modular Weapon Mount              RA                        1(2)       10 kg
    Support PPC                                                           2         240 kg
     Med. Recoiless Rifle                                              2          250 kg
     Flamer                                                                    1          150 kg
AP Weapon Mount                       LA                         1            5 kg

An attempt by the Draconis Combine to upgrade it's standard armored infantry suit.  Using advanced armor like that found on the former Free World's League Loginus, they were able to save weight enough to upgrade the main weapon mount, allowing the suit to carry the Combine's new prefered weapon, a Support PPC.  The suit's battle claw was also upgraded to include a retractable vibro-blade.  This was done in keeping with the neo-bushido ideals starting to reassert themselves with the DCMS.  The blade on the new suit, when deployed, was fasioned to resemble a large katana sword.

However, the suit costs considerably more than the standard Raiden, so production of the Standard will continue alongside this variant for some time.
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