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Author Topic: Thunderbird II Battle Armor  (Read 1409 times)

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Thunderbird II Battle Armor
« on: 10 November 2011, 21:19:27 »
Ok, last one for a while I promise. I finally hit a point where I felt I had a logical upgrade to the original Thunderbird that still kept the original feel. More importantly, both variants still have a point BV less than an Elemental totting either an APGR for a micro pulse laser.  :D

Thunderbird II Battle Armor
Manufacturer: Barcella Battle Armor Facility
   Primary Factory: Irece
Tech base: Clan
Chassis Type: Humanoid
Weight Class: Heavy
Maximum Weight: 1,500 kg
Swarm/Leg/Mechanized/AP: no/no/yes/yes

Equipment                                                            Slots      Mass
Chassis                                                                              400 kg
Motive Systems:
   Ground MP: 1                                                                      0 kg
   Jumping MP: 3*                                                               250 kg
   Right Arm:  Basic Manipulator                                              0 kg
   Left Arm:    Heavy Battle Claw                                           20 kg
Armor:    Standard                                                              300 kg
   Armor Value:  12 +1 for trooper

Weapon or Equipment                  Location        Slots      Mass
Modular Weapon Mount                 RA                 2            10 kg
   AP Gauss Rifle (20)                  -                   2          200 kg
   ER Small Laser (20)                 -                   2          350 kg
Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount      LA                  1              5 kg
SRM-2 (OS)                                   Body               2            40 kg   
Jump Booster                                Body               2          125 kg

After the Second  War Clan Nova Cat sought to improve the capable but rushed Thunderbird suit. As a starting point technicians looked to the warriors for feedback. It was found that of the three weapons typically installed in the modular mount, the small pulse laser was was rarely utilized. Eliminating the pretense of possibly mounting the pulse laser freed up much needed weight. This was used to address a major complaint of regarding the comparatively low armor protection for a heavy suit.

For the most part the Nova Cat Elementals were satisfied with the Thunderbird and had little else to recommend. The only other significant modification stemmed from the Spook Battle Armor developed some years earlier. Like with the Clan tech upgrade of the Combine's Void Battle Armor, the vibro blade assembly was removed from the heavy battle claw. Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount is installed in the same arm to compensate against unarmored infantry. The weight freed was used to mount a One-Shot SRM-2 launcher over the left shoulder. Surprisingly, the rack is most often loaded with Inferno rounds. Many warriors opted to give the suit's one flight of missiles a devastating impact against a range of targets. The loadout is so common that the Thunderbird II is nicknamed the "Firebird" by many of Clan Nova Cat's elementals.

Much like the first iteration of the suit, the Thunderbird II Battle Armor features a high level of craftsmanship as well as a ban on exportation. As older suits are rotated out for repair and maintenance they are being upgraded to the new standard. While there is more than sufficient weight to mount a wide range of weapons in the right arm's Modular Weapon Mount, nearly every warrior fielding the new armor selects the traditional AP Gauss Rifle or ER Small Laser depending on mission and terrain.