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Author Topic: 2011-05-18 Proliferation Cycle: The Spider Dances [Jason Schmetzer]  (Read 1244 times)


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Our final Proliferation Cycle story: House Liao

Alone of the Great Houses, House Liao lacks BattleMech technology. The Maskirovka is willing to expend any sum--any asset--to secure the war machines for the Chancellor's armies.


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Finally had the chance to read this, and it was a great game of cat and mouse cat.
3028-3050 Random Assignment Tables -
Also contains faction deployment & rarity info and Quirk lists.


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A good story! IMHO in the top three of the Proliferation cycle!  :)

BTW, found a minor goof:
A help icon appeared, siling the same smarny smile IT geeks had programming as a sick joke for a thousand years.
This story plays in the 25th, not 31st century  ;)
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