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Author Topic: CGR-1A-KE "Knight Errant"  (Read 379 times)


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CGR-1A-KE "Knight Errant"
« on: 07 May 2021, 21:47:07 »
The ancestral battlemech of the Seguin family on Organo in the spinward regions of the Taurian Concordat, this Charger is a typical example of late Succession Wars mechs, hard used and much repaired, until the machine barely resembles its original specs.

CGR-1-KE "Knight Errant"

Mass: 80 tons
Tech Base: Inner Sphere
Chassis Config: Biped
Era: Succession Wars
Production Year: N/A
Cost: 7,722,840 c-bills
Battle Value: 1,288

Equipment                                  Mass
Internal Structure: Standard           8
Engine                   320                 22.5
     Walking MP:        4
     Running MP:       6
Heatsinks:             20[20]             10
Gyro:                  Standard             4
Cockpit:                                        3
Armor Factor            232              14.5
     Head                    9
     Center Torso/Rear 35/12
     L/R Torso/Rear      25/8
     L/R Arms/Legs      25/30

Weapons and Ammo     Location
PPC                                 RT
PPC                                 LT
ML                                  RT
ML                                  LT
ML                                  LA
ML                                  RA

Family legend has it that Knight Errant entered their possession after the Amaris Coup when a former SLDF officer who had defected to the Taurians married the Seguin heir. As Chargers were not SLDF issue at the time this is highly unlikely, but planetary records do show the machine in militia service against pirates in 2812. Whether inherited in marriage or purchased on the black market, Knight Errant would soon see significant change.

After losing two pilots in action and taking significant damage to its central torso in mid 2800s, the old and much abused engine was pulled for a Pitban 320 stripped from a pirate Zeus, dropping the speed while freeing up a great deal of tonnage. Quickly pressed back into service, the armor was maxed out and an AC/10 put in place with two tons of ammo and two additional heat sinks, a very inefficient loadout that nonetheless allowed the family to maintain their social status as mechwarriors. As funds became available a LRM 15 was added in the left torso with two tons of ammo, giving the mech some long ranged bite and using up the last of the freed tonnage. This was the mech that brought the Seguin's into the 2900s.

2908 brought conflict to Organo with an objective raid by the Wave Tossed, a mercenary outfit originally from Combine space. Called up as part of the militia, Knight Errant waded into the fray, taking significant damage and losing both arms as well as the AC in the right torso. The destruction of the Succession Wars and the local economic situation made spares very hard to source, threatening the Seguins with the prospect of Dispossession. A young member of the family who was technically inclined saved the day with salvage from the Wave Tossed raid, taking a pair of Lord's Light PPC's and engineering attachments for them at the Charger's shoulder joints. Four of the original small lasers were pulled for more heatsinks, creating a dedicated long ranged fighter. The resulting Frankenmech was fragile, ran hot as hell, and was generally considered the ugliest thing ever seen on Organo. But it could fight, and the Seguin's were not Dispossessed.

In 2979 the head of the family, Emil Seguin, made quite a success in several investments and used some of the proceeds to finally have the old mech refurbished. The arms were properly reconstructed and the PPC's moved into the torso, one to each side. The last small laser was discarded along with the LRMs, and four Diverse Optics medium lasers ordered from SDI on Sterope. The armor was shaved down to fourteen and a half tons, making room for twenty single heat sinks to cool the behemoth. Under a fresh coat of paint (and with nary an original part!) Knight Errant entered the 3rd millenium fully ready to serve the Concordat and the Seguins once again.


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Re: CGR-1A-KE "Knight Errant"
« Reply #1 on: 08 May 2021, 19:45:45 »
I'd drop both Torso ML for 1 in the Head & Max Armor.

Matches the layout of the 1A better that way.

Otherwise I like it.
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