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Author Topic: Accurized BattleMechs  (Read 1394 times)


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Re: Accurized BattleMechs
« Reply #30 on: 26 July 2022, 11:41:38 »
There is some indication that the
larger ammunition reserve is sometimes used to carry variable ammo-loads, such
as smoke or even fragmentary munitions.

The original quartet of medium lasers--two per arm and the remaining pair
facing the rear

significant communications array nestled deep in its left torso.

1 Medium Laser           RA      3           1      1.00
1 Medium Laser           LA      3           1      1.00
1 Medium Laser           RT(R)   3           1      1.00
2 LRM 5s                 RT      4   48      4      6.00
  (Ammo Locations: 1 LT, 1 CT)
1 Autocannon/10          RT      3   30     10     15.00
  (Ammo Locations: 2 RT, 1 CT)
1 Medium Laser           LT(R)   3           1      1.00
2 LRM 5s                 LT      4           2      4.00
1 Commo Gear         LT      -   -      3      3.00

So the fluff isn't matching the stats in a few ways.

1.  It talks of larger LRM Ammo bays but its the AC that has extra ammo.

2.  Also, the ML's were better off in the CT(R) since ammo in the CT is just asking for the mech to be unsalvageable.

3.  Speaking of ML's the fluff is mentioned a pair PER arm when its a pair total for the arms.
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Re: Accurized BattleMechs
« Reply #31 on: 31 July 2022, 23:17:16 »
Thanks for the errata. Good thing this was an ode to the original 3025. It should keep up appearances with its stable mates. What happens in 3025 stays in...

Seriously, though, this was written in eight minutes flat (not hyperbole) and it was either post it then or not at all, basically. I'm amazed I was even writing about an Atlas!

I will say that I disagree with ammo being more than a location away from the breech of tube its being loaded into. That is why the locations changed. And, of course, CT ammo bays run a risk. But who says playing with floating crits isn't a common thing?

I'll look back into it at some point and rejigger ol' Saryk. Haste doesn't excuse sloppiness.
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