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Groundwave-Class Wheeled AutoMech


Giovanni Blasini:
A variation on the Sounder-Class Wheeled AutoMech found primarily in the Autonomous Barony of Primus, the Groundwave-Class Wheeled AutoMechs serve as communications units for AutoBoPs, both locally and at distant outposts.  Believed to predate the Sounder, the Groundwave is less suited for combat, using a lower-quality standard large laser and single heat sinks, rather than the more advanced double heat sinks and extended range laser of the Sounder.  Additionally, rather than the SRM-6 rack, Groundwaves are equipped with a trio of small lasers in their torso.  This allows Groundwaves to operate without resupply in the field for extended periods, but limits their ranged combat capability.

Rather than the sophisticated sensors and electronic warfare equipment of the Sounder, equivalent to a Beagle Active Probe and Guardian ECM Suite, the Groundwave carries six tons of additional communications gear, allowing them to communicate with Primus Optimal and other AutoBoP units wherever they are in the Syberia system.  In combat, this equipment allows for greater command and control coordination amongst AutoBoPs, as well as providing limited electronic warfare capabilities.  Because they're often assigned to communications outposts at remote resource extraction operations, Groundwaves forgo one of the three-ton cargo bins of the Sounder-Class, instead equipping three jump jets to assist in maneuvering in broken terrain.

Groundwave-Class Wheeled AutoMechs are exceedingly rare amongst the DemoCon faction, which strongly prefers the more common, and combat capable, Sounder-Class.  The rare units that are found, however, are almost always subordinate to a Sounder, or even Ender-Class Wheeled AutoMech.

--- Code: ---Groundwave-Class Wheeled AutoMech
IS TW non-box set
60 tons 
BV: 934
Cost: 4,440,560 C-bills

Movement: 4/6/3
Engine: 240
Heat Sinks: 10
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 99
Armor: 144/201
                     Internal    Armor
Center Torso               20       15
Center Torso (rear)                 10
Right Torso                14       14
Right Torso (rear)                   8
Left Torso                 14       14
Left Torso (rear)                    8
Right Arm                  10       15
Left Arm                   10       15
Right Leg                  14       18
Left Leg                   14       18

Weapon                         Loc  Heat
Small Laser                     LT     1
Small Laser                     LT     1
Small Laser                     LT     1
Large Laser                     RA     8

Equipment                      Loc
Communications Equipment (6 ton)  RT
Cargo (3 tons)                  LT

--- End code ---

(Yup, working on something with this.  Don't know that I'll have it posted tonight, though.  Expect to see it tomorrow in FanFic section).

I am always glad to see things from the Nebula! Six tons of Comm gear is interesting to see, it can be used for a lot of stuff if you are using tacops or strategic ops rules. I would use this. In fact, if you don't mind, I'd steal this for my AU that is dealing with the California nebula over in

Giovanni Blasini:
Go for it. :)

Giovanni Blasini:
So, ran the Groundwave in MegaMek a few times now. I suspect it wouldn't be so bad against Intro or Primitive tech units, but against later era Standard tech or higher units, you've got serious issues.  Armor is thin, and the Sounder/Groundwave ends up being thin across the front torso as a result, thanks to comparatively heavy back and leg armor.  A standard large laser ends up being limited in range compared to later weapons like ERLLs, etc., and the small lasers require you to pretty much be on top of the enemy, which is exceptionally dangerous against more advanced units.


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