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Title: Koschei upgrade
Post by: PsihoKekec on 21 April 2021, 00:26:54
Didn't do much with it, put in light engine and double heat sinks, replaced AC with LB-X, but left the ammunition storage the same, added ER large plus another medium. Decided not to go with endosteel or advanced armour, despite having crits to spare, keep it simple. It runs a little bit hot when you get into ML range.

Code: [Select]
Koschei KSC-5B

Mass: 65 tons
Chassis: Standard Biped
Power Plant: 325 Light
Cruising Speed: 54 kph
Maximum Speed: 86.4 kph
Jump Jets: None
     Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: Standard
     1 Small Laser
     3 Medium Laser
     1 LB 10-X AC
     1 ER Large Laser
Manufacturer: Unknown
     Primary Factory: Unknown
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 3070
Tech Rating/Availability: E/X-X-D-D
Cost: 11,502,480 C-bills

Type: Koschei
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Tonnage: 65
Battle Value: 1,548

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                  6.5
Engine                        325 Light              18
Walking MP: 5
Running MP: 8
Jumping MP: 0
Double Heat Sink              10 [20]                 0
Gyro                                                  4
Cockpit                                               3
Armor Factor                  192                    12

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Head                    3         9     
     Center Torso            21        29   
     Center Torso (rear)               10   
     R/L Torso               15        20   
     R/L Torso (rear)                  8     
     R/L Arm                 10        20   
     R/L Leg                 15        24   

Right Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Hand
Left Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm

and Ammo               Location  Critical   Heat    Tonnage
3 Medium Lasers           RT        3        3       3.0   
LB 10-X AC                LA        6        2       11.0 
LB 10-X AC Ammo (20)      LA        2        -       2.0   
Small Laser               LT        1        1       0.5   
ER Large Laser            RA        2        12      5.0   

Title: Re: Koschei upgrade
Post by: Artifex on 21 April 2021, 02:35:33
No CASE? Or are you just stating that because ammo is in the same place as the weapon is, loss of either affects the other?
Title: Re: Koschei upgrade
Post by: PsihoKekec on 21 April 2021, 06:32:47
I left the ammo in the original position and CASE can't be placed in arms.
Title: Re: Koschei upgrade
Post by: Atlan on 21 April 2021, 06:43:04
I had a different thought. Based of the basic idea of the Koschei- that it is a heavy designed to chase down light mechs and destroy them, trading weapons for extra speed- and using the KSC-5I for inspiration:
upgrade to an XL engine, and boost the speed from 5/8 to 6/9
Install Tripple Strength Mynomer (which they presumably have access to, since this is a former Cappellan company and the Cappellan's invented TSM), boosting the speed to 6/9(11).
Add endo steel and light Fero Fiberous armor, and you end up with 14 tons for weapons, and about the same armor coverage as the origional Koschei does.
Title: Re: Koschei upgrade
Post by: Billy Boy Mark II on 21 April 2021, 08:07:16
Thanks for this!
Title: Re: Koschei upgrade
Post by: DragonKhan55 on 12 August 2022, 10:33:08
Pretty good upgrade with the light engine. ER Large + LBX 10 has a Enforcer feel to it that'll be very familiar to a lot of Davion mechwarriors.