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Author Topic: Story Question - Defunct BT Game, Near Clan Invasion - Two Elemental Points Each  (Read 313 times)

Karack Blackstone

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Hello all, overall story question.

In a game that is now defunct for Battletech, one of the Clans was going to have, as it originated carrying Elemental points, the modification to sturdier Elemental Point Carrying Fixtures, thus allowing each Clan Wolf Omnimech Star to Carry Two Elemental Points. 50, not 25. This was going to be the big reason the Wolves did so well in the Invasion.

50 Elementals rather than 25 normally, and they had a 150 kg APGR, as of 3040, just with a 10 kg mag, 30 shots in it, and two spares in the Mission Equipment Storage bay, as well as a redesigned Elemental torso structure frame array allowing it to be 40 kg technically overweight, while not hindering performance any. The extra 40 kg was always an LTAG and a Cutting Torch.

Would this have been too much? It was also very much research heavy as a concept game, however the players did not initially catch on, while within the window to still give a fighting chance, one of them as a tech did start to catch on and try to close the gap to the near SLDF levels of tech for the IS before the Invasion went off.

Feedback please? Would that Dual Elemental Point carrying capacity have been unfair? It was fluffed as the rungs and brackets the Elementals use to ride the Omnimech were always beefed up, letting both Each and Every Clan Wolf Omnimech carry Ten Elemental suits, or as noted, 2 points of Elementals on each.


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This is very confusing.

One I don’t think this is in the right spot on the forums.

Two, it’s asking a couple different questions, without actually asking them.

Would elementals with a ton of extra stuff, and an extra unlimited ammo 9 hex damage do-er 15 years earlier than normal,, plus a light tag for arty be over powered. Probably in a game setting.

And then allowing double the elementals to mechanize. Probably not super bad as you’d still need to pay BV for them. Lore wise if you modified the nova formations accordingly (15 mechs and 150 elementals) it would have been overpowering. Can drop off a set to deal with stragglers and then bring a set with you to go out and pillage. It would probably have a knock on effect of redistributing any elemental binaries or Trinaries in a cluster back into the nova formations, allowing another pure mech trinary in there.

And also how would the wolves be able to keep this for themselves? Like is it only coming from Wolf built omnis? the BA handholds are intrinsic to the omnimechs, not necessarily a specific chassis itself.

Karack Blackstone

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Clan Wolf only from its research tree and technology that's been getting invested and investigated into by one of its units that has gone out and done more for the past 250 or so years as the genetically engineered Galaxy Commander has been at this for said how long.

The mounts are basically sturdier to allow the extra per Elemental noted mass, and to then double up on the mount supports, permitting the same area carrying one Elemental normally to safely haul along two Elementals instead. The internals, armor and structure of all Omnimechs built within Clan Wolf have been redesigned to permit this, so it's not just BV, it's also C-Bills and whatever the Clans use for currency, as well as time, effort, research, development, design, refinement, and redesigns with the idea that it's gotten them finally after over 200 years this far along to see what's possible.


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On Battle Armor:
The AP Gauss Rifle is already a more advanced BA weapon that outperforms pretty much anything else in it's weight catagory, giving it any buff is pretty much automatically going to unballance things. Why use an Elemental suit with one of your iAPGRs in the modular weapon mount when you can make a new suit with two of them and ditch the now hopelessly inefficient SRM launcher?

I'm also not a fan of giving out free mass as it strikes me as "un-battletech" somehow, but it's a flat upgrade to all future BA types so it's atleast not pushing towards a "one true build" and I can't see anything obvious that breaks so long as it's not left as a unique "only Elementals may have this" effect. For aethestics sake I'd have made it a reduction in the base structure weight due to either an improved and/or reduced Harjel system, but that's personal preference.

On handholds:
The improved mech handholds probably don't break anything gameplay wise, but as a player I'd definitely have raised an eyebrow if I saw a Dasher/Firemoth running around at top speed despite carrying half again it's normal mass in Elementals. One point is silly enough.

Beyond that I feel like I should point out that the pre-invasion Wolves don't have anything resembling their own "research tree". Yes they have their own scientists and their own factories, but there's a massive amount of churn in Clan equipment and any innovation has a relatively short shelf life before another Clan copies or trials for it. The Timber Wolf is specifically notable for the fact that the Wolves managed to keep any of the other Clans from getting the rights to manufacture them prior to the invasion, but there were still a fair number traded, trialed for, gifted and salvaged into other Clan's forces. Individual Galaxies certainly don't develop their own techbases independently. So this premise suggests pretty massive changes to how the Clans (or at least Clan Wolf) operate.