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Author Topic: "Inkpot Irregulars" in East Lansing, Michigan - January 31st, 2014  (Read 1044 times)


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Hi Folks,

This Friday, I'll be running a pirate raid scenario right before the Jihad kicks off using the mercenary 'Inkpot Irregulars' from their BattleCorps unit digest.

Pirate Encampment
SLSC K2V.3846
Spinward Periphery
31 January 3068

"Something's wrong here boss... where did the pirates get an Albatross? And my warbook is tagging that other 'Mech as a Bombardier!"

"Hold steady Jessup. Remember people, we're here to kill that Crusader. Everyone else is just gravy."

Hollis toggled his mic over to a private channel while simultaneously hitting the 'magnify' button on his console.

"Ferris, we've got trouble. It looks like the pirates have some friends. Two 'Mechs. Heavy and Assault. If they're working with the raiders, then they're most likely enemies." A moment later, the broadcast signal returned from the dropship. His XO's chipper voice was edged with surprise.

"Uh, Hold on boss, let me check with our liason," the sound cut out of Hollis' headset. While he waited, his thumb gently stroked the hat switch on his joystick and the computer generated magnification window panned over the Albatross. Eyes straining, Hollis searched the grainy image for any identifying marks. He ground his teeth when he saw the faint image of a broadsword beneath the mottled gray and black paint on the 'Mech's left leg.

"Hostiles are the Word of Blake! What the hell are they doing out here?" After a slight pause, the radio cut back in.

"Sir, the Leftenant says take them out with extreme prejudice if you can but you must bring back vidscans that show they're Blakists."

"Understood. This isn't going to be easy. Recall the rest of the team and tell the Captain to get ready for lift off, we're gonna be coming in hard and fast."


Hollis took a deep breath, then switched back to the Inkspot Irregulars' encrypted broadcast channel.

"Okay folks, listen up..."

Hollis Ibsen and his 'Inkpot Irregulars' are on the hunt for pirates and a good story on the FedSuns/Periphery border. But when they stumble across a pirate camp being trained by the Word of Blake, can they survive long enough to tell the tale?

This scenario will be played with Alpha Strike rules on hexmaps. And I'll have a copy of the Unit Digest with me for anyone who'd like to learn more about the Irregulars.

Game starts at 6:30p and runs until it's over (or Rob kicks us out). Address for Replay Entertainment Exchange in East Lansing, Michigan can be found on along with the gaming schedule for the rest of the month.

Hope to see you there,

Chuck "IronSphinx" Wilson
Catalyst Agent #66
Charles "IronSphinx" Wilson (CDT #66)
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