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Author Topic: Game Summit 2012 - Ottawa, Ontario  (Read 1415 times)


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Game Summit 2012 - Ottawa, Ontario
« on: 29 January 2012, 19:37:36 »
While I have yet to have confirmation, I plan to run the following games at Games Summit, located at the Nepean Sportsplex in Ottawa. Games summit will take place in February, from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th. These dates and times may be subject to change.

The Grinder (introbox)
For those of you familiar with The Grinder, I'm using a setup of my own devising that relies heavily, if not exclusively, on the contents of the introductory boxed set. This is to give players a chance at trying out the 'mechs they will find inside (Barring the clan HD figs, which I've left out for balance and aesthetic reasons), as well as a chance to see how they look when painted. For those of you not familiar with the concept of a Grinder, it's a free-for-all in which new players learn the rules as they go. Players start with a low level 'mech and play until they surrender or are killed - in which case, the old 'mech is removed from play and the player gets to select a new, slightly better 'mech to put into the game at the start of the next turn. The winner is decided by who holds the most kills by the end of the game.

Players: 2-6
Rules level: Introductory
Difficulty: Basic - for new players.

To be run on
Friday the 17th: 4PM-9'ish
Saturday the 18th: 9 to 2
Sunday the 19th: 9 to 2

Raid on Quetin
Another game that will rely heavily on the contents of the introductory boxed set, this game brings the game into the Total Warfare level with the addition of concrete, buildings, and vehicles. All the products to be used in this game are readily available through distributors, and none are OOP. This game is designed with current players, as well as older players who have lapsed for several years since last playing. The game will be played as two teams - Federated Suns and Draconis Combine, who will split to play two simultaneous missions. The cumulative points between each of the missions will decide which team are the victors. Teams will also be pre-assigned a selection of 8 'mechs, and may secretly assign them to each of the two missions as suits their tastes - so that the opposing team must guess prior to deployment how the 'mechs will be distributed.

Taking place on Quentin in 3020, a partial company of the 5th Sword of Light is in the midst of attempting an Objective Raid against a Component Warehouse storing a full load of "Pontiac 100" Autocannon 20s. They are presented with the opportunity to strike at the base as several 'mechs are spotted moving away from the base. Meanwhile, the Mobile Headquarters Vehicle for the 5th maintains communications between the grounded 'mechs and the DC jumpship hidden in system. Meanwhile, the 7th Crusis Lancers, assigned to garrison the world, have sent a company of 'mechs to guard the component facility. A week prior, a lance of the 7ths' scout 'mechs were destroyed in an ambush. Scout troopers were later able to report that they were able to pinpoint the location of a Mobile Headquarters Vehicle, located in a defensible, well hidden location in a valley, but with no easy escape route. Mechs were dispatched to either capture the Mobile HQ to give the coordinates of the hidden Jumpship in system, or destroy it, to cut off communications from the on-world raiders.

Players: 4-8
Rules Level: Total Warfare
Difficulty: Intermediate - Players with some experience at the Total Warfare level, thorough understanding of Introductory Box level.

To be run on:
Saturday the 18th, 3pm to 9pm
(Depending on how well the game is received, there may be an encore game on Sunday, as well.)
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Re: Game Summit 2012 - Ottawa, Ontario
« Reply #1 on: 06 February 2012, 04:50:17 »

All the posted games but the "Encore" game are now confirmed with the convention staff. Hope to see you there.